The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Dufftown Distillery has long been producing great malt, and with their Malt Master’s Selection expression they are reaching out to a new audience.

The Brand

The distillery itself is nestled just outside Dufftown, one of many distilleries that call this place home, including Balvenie and Glenfiddich.

It has been around since 1895, when it was opened by Charles MacPherson, Peter Mackenzie, Richard Stackpole and John Symon.

Since then it has flourished, and has passed through several different owners. Today the distillery is owned by Diageo and most of the malt distilled here is used in their blends for brands such as Johnnie Walker and Bell’s.

The distillery was once owned exclusively by Bell’s and as such, their malt is characteristic of much of the blends key flavours, with lots of sweet nuts and malt notes.

the malt

Bottle cost: £28.38

This expression has been created with new Whisky drinkers in mind, as described by Ervin Trykowski, global Scotch whisky ambassador at Diageo, “This isn’t supposed to be patronising – it’s supposed to be welcoming and engaging, it’s supposed to be the opposite of how you’ve talked about Scotch whisky before.”

They have aimed to craft a malt that appeals to all, one that seasoned Whisky drinkers can get behind, but can still be enjoyed by new Whisky drinkers as well.

It has been hand selected and blended by the distillery’s Master of Malt, Craig Wilson from oak casks that once held Wine, Bourbon or Sherry.

The nose opens with pastries and soft stewed apples. There is a warming sensation from the beginning, with a lovely white sugar and almond flavour.

Creamy treacle and butter also come in, giving it a really mellow feel. These also go perfectly with the apple notes.

The palate is packed with orchard flavours and a bright grassy note. Apples and pears are present, with a nice bite to them.

More dessert flavours also come in. Pastries, apple crumble and vanilla ice cream all make an appearance, with thick toffee sauce covering them.

Peppery spice comes in and gives it a great warmth. This ties in well with the vanilla and sugary notes.

It has a long finish with lots of life and a little hint of vanilla and pastry.

This is an exceptional malt from a brilliant distillery. One to try regardless of where you are on your Whisky journey!

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