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Whisky is as much a stylish drink, as choosing your next item of clothing, according to consumer research, so this got me thinking... what whiskies would I pair with certain items of clothing or occasions? Here are my thoughts... do you agree?

Craigellachie 31 Year Old Single Malt - Suited & Booted

This more sophisticated drink is one you’d enjoy at more formal occasions. Team your Craigellachie with a classic, single breasted suit in black. This only heightens the sophistication and grandeur of this drink, immersing you entirely into another world.

Make sure that your suit fits your correctly, as there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit, and make sure you’re comfortable. Teamed with a crisp white Oxford shirt and a pair of black brogues for a great formal look.

This whisky, the world’s best single malt Scotch whisky, is an absolute stunner; thick, meaty, fruity, juicy and smoky, a real knock out dram.

Benromach gives a gentle nod to something more casual and chilled rather than restrictive. Take a pair of fitted chinos in an earthy tone such as beige/stone and pair them with a light and casual shirt in a blue hue.

If you want to keep with the casual theme then you can always opt for a pair of penny loafers in brown, or even some boat shoes for a more Riviera inspired look.

Benromach is all about being a Classic Speyside single malt; using ancient production methods to create flavour profiles enjoyed for generations; soft, smooth, one to relax with and quaff.

Think a good night out when you’re drinking this Haig Club Whisky. With David Beckham as a partner in the brand, you know that this is a Whisky worth dressing up a little bit for.

If you’re after a more summery feel then go for a suit in a beige colour teamed with a lightweight white shirt. With an air of James Bond in a tropical location, this drink will blend fantastically with your outfit.

Haig Club Clubman is made for mixing; enjoy it how you wish without pretention or boundaries, what a dram… controversial in the whisky writing world, but its popularity in Asia and cocktail culture is undeniable.

This drink is for the more downplayed days: drank whilst lounging back on a cool winter’s night whilst the fire crackles in the background. That’s probably more of a fantasy, but you can always drink this is a smart pair of raw or selvedge denim jeans and a fitted jumper.

Throw on a pair of dark boots and you’ll be ready to chill out in style whilst drinking something smooth and relaxing.

A mega dram; salty, sweet, rich, lots of toffee notes and absolute brilliance from independent bottlers of whisky, Douglas Laing, it looks to create a bold flavour profile of what you can expect from Island whiskies in Scotland.

Laphroaig 10 is a drink for a relaxed night out: worn with a casual suit or a shirt and trousers for a chilled evening.

The colour choice of your suit is up to you as you don’t have to stick to black or grey. Go for a navy suit teamed with a pink shirt, alternatively you can leave the suit jacket at home and throw on a light jumper instead.

A marmite whisky this, you really do either love it or hate it, no in between. Peat power at its core, this is a sweet, malty, peaty dram to sip and savour with friends and in the right setting.

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