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Situated in the picturesque County Louth, Wild Geese is an Irish Whisky brand that is proud of its heritage and thinks you should be too!

Well, if you’re Irish that is.

The name “Wild Geese” refers to the flight of an Irish Jacobite army to France in 1691 after the Treaty of Limerick.  The brand refers to this in its tagline “Wherever you are in the world, if you are of Irish descent you are part of this story and entitled to call yourself ‘Wild Geese’”.

So if any of you reading this are of Irish descent then please feel free to start calling yourself a Wild Goose.

Although I’m sure the brand would not object to all those who feel a little Irish within themselves to start using the name too, and we all have a little Irish in us! It’s the side that encourages us to keep drinking Whisky when we really know we shouldn’t.

And with that in mind, we should probably take a closer look at what Wild Geese have on offer.

The staple of their range is a no age statement single malt that has been running rings around its fellow countrymen to claim several gold medals and the title of Best Irish Malt.

The nose entices you with bursts of juicy summer berries like blackberries and blueberries.  There is a slight bitterness to these that intertwines with a subtle and dulling woody oak tone.

The palate develops wonderfully with a smooth mouthfeel and the flavours become spicy and sweet.  Cinnamon and nutmeg join the berries, with slight nods towards jam and toast.

The oak develops into a peppery note, with a biscuit maltiness in the background.  The spiciness of the wood can really be tasted and makes for a complex and interesting dram.

There is also a note of vanilla from the oak that steers towards sweetness rather than spice but mixes well with the cinnamon.

The slight bitterness of the summer fruits mixed with the spices has a nice warming texture to it.  The finish rounds these flavours off well and lingers long enough to have you reaching for more before it’s gone.

Wild Geese has a range of four expressions but this is the only single malt, with the rest therefore being blends.

As well as the smoothness that is characteristic of most Irish malts, the oaky flavours and the fruitiness can also be savoured in the other versions of this dram.

There is more of a sweetness to the Rare Irish Whisky blend and the Limited Edition Irish Whisky than in the single malt, but both still have a great depth and complexity.

The Classic Blend takes on a decidedly more honeyed note and can be appreciated either straight or in a cocktail.

The blends available are equally as well respected as the single malt and have won several awards themselves.

Wild Geese is a great brand to enjoy whether you are Irish or not and since it seems like everyone wants a shot at the Leprechaun’s gold at the end of the rainbow any way, it makes sense for us to all just embrace the little bit of Irish inside us!  Sláinte!

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