All you need to know about the GreatDrams Invergordon 11 Year Old Single Cask Single Grain Scotch Whisky Series Bottling

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Bottled exclusively for GreatDrams, this limited edition Invergordon 11 Year Old Single Cask Single Grain Whisky bottling is a release of just 160 bottles globally.

The Invergordon 11 Year Old is a single cask Single Grain Scotch Whisky distilled at the Invergordon Distillery in the Northern Highlands of Scotland is the first release in The GreatDrams Single Cask Series. Invergordon, the most northernly grain whisky distillery, has been a true workhorse of the Scotch Whisky World since spirit started flowing from its stills in 1960.

Distillery: Invergordon
Region: Highlands
Age: 11 Years Old
Distilled: 20th Feb 2007
Bottled: 22nd August 2018
Cask type: First Fill Ex-Bourbon
ABV: 46.2%
Volume: 50cl / 500ml or 20cl / 200ml
Limited: 160 bottles globally
Non-chill filtered
Natural colour

Bottled under The GreatDrams Single Cask Series, with luxurious notes of butterscotch, toffee and caramel, this whisky has unparalleled depth for a Single Grain Whisky, with more flavours developing as you spend time with it. Single casks are the rarest releases in the whisky industry as they cannot be repeated, they are not blended & are the truest representation of a distillery’s character you can get.

Available here, and if you’d like a specific bottle number for your colllection please provide 2/3 numbers just in case your first choice has already been allocated, we will do our best to fulfill your request. 

What do you know about the Invergordon Distillery?

Probably not much as there are very few of their whiskies on the market, with nearly all of them being bottled by independent bottlers over the years, and most of their production going in to blended Scotch products.

This relatively young Highland distillery is now owned by Whyte and MacKay, and was built in 1960 to produce grain Whisky Coffey Stills

These stills were invented by Aeneas Coffey in the 1800s and allow a constant flow of distillate to be made without having to stop and re-start production.

Not open to the public, this is one of the elusive distilleries in the market with their whisky pretty much always being used within other products.

They are more efficient than pot stills and the resulting alcohol is considered smoother than that in made in pot stills, with the buttery texture and flavour profile you will experience with this Invergordon 11 Year Old from the GreatDrams Single Cask Series available here.

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