Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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The Redbreast 12 Year Old of one of the best Irish drams you will ever encounter.

Legendary Whisky

Made in the Midleton Distillery in Cork, Redbreast is an enduring Irish whiskey that is the perfect example of the country’s signature single pot still style. Midleton is one of the most legendary distilleries in Ireland, being the home of Jameson, Ireland’s most popular whiskey brand.

Irish whiskey has been around for just as long as Scotch but hasn’t got the same saturation of distilleries. There are a number of reasons for this but hat’s most important is that despite only having 3 working distilleries for a majority of the last century, Irish whiskey still competes with the biggest names in whiskey from around the world.

Midleton is one of those distilleries and Redbreast is one of the brands that has given Irish whiskey the reputation that it has today. It is the biggest selling single pot still whiskey in the world, and rightly so. It was originally produced by a company named Gilbey’s but production ended in 1985. The Redbreast brand was then relaunched by Irish Distillers Ltd in 1991, when it was produced at the Midleton Distillery.

Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The 12 Year Old expression is one of the most famous by the brand because of its high quality and excellent flavour. It has been matured in bourbon and sherry casks and is one of the best examples of the single pot still style that Ireland is famous for.


Bottle cost: £47.95

The nose opens with notes of charred oak, cinnamon and a gentle dew covered grass aroma. Sweet caramel and dried fruits also appear and give it a nice edge.

The palate is smooth and complex. Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and peppery spice waft throughout. Caramel, burnt oak and lots of dried fruits make up the majority of the body. A subtle note of madeira cake is also there.

The finish is bold and lingers on oak wood.

There is a reason this is Redbreast’s signature expression, and that is because it is magnificent.

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