Adnams Single Malt Whisky

A Very English Whisky

 It is with great pride that Adnams present their Single Malt to the world, and they are especially keen on showcasing what a good Single Malt English Whisky looks like.

The brand has been around since the 1300s, when they first started making beer. It wasn’t until 2010 that they opened the Adnams Copper House Distillery. Since then they have become very popular with Spirits drinkers. You’ve probably come across them in your local pub and supermarket.

At this stage, they hadn’t produced a Whisky, but were making Copper House Gin and Long Shore Vodka. With the success of their Gin at the International Wine and Spirits Awards in 2013, they turned to Whisky distilling. Their Single Malt was released in 2014.

Adnams Single Malt English Whisky

Perhaps not a big challenger to the Whisky crown currently held by Scotch, but if the industry ever lets itself go, this could certainly become a big player.

It has been made with East Anglian barely and matured for four years in French oak casks, which is not a very common casks for maturation (although definitely not unheard of). This already sets it apart from most Scotches and you can see that they are thinking about to differentiate themselves.

Tasting notes for Adnams Single Malt English Whisky

Bottle cost: £42.75

The nose begins with big notes of white sugar and malted grains. Barley and wheat come through, with hints of oak wood and vanilla. There is a lovely sweetness that couples with notes of fruit and fresh cut grass.

The palate has a slightly darker edge, with cherries and coffee. Sweetness takes over and brings in s delicate cinnamon spice. Summer berries, kiwis, apples and raisins add a lovely depth and fresh flavour. More vanilla and oak wood appear.

The finish is full of sugar and spice, with hints of apples and grains.

This is a great malt and a positive sign of what’s still to come from Adnams. They might not have torn down to Scotch stronghold just yet, but they are definitely on their way!

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