Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Cocktails with Irish Whiskey?

Yes! Cocktails made with Irish whiskey. Is there a more apt way of celebrating Saint Patrick? A devout Catholic bishop who was actually British and probably teetotal…but he lived in Ireland for a while so that counts and now we all get very drunk in his honour!

Here’s our pick for best Irish whiskey cocktails.


Simply yet great, the Irish Buck is a cocktail you’ll come back to time and time again. The heat from the ginger ale is the perfect companion to some sweet and smooth Irish whiskey.

60ml Irish Whiskey

90ml ginger ale

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

Lime to garnish

2. Jameson Whiskey Sour 

We’re not really pushing the boat out here but there is no better whiskey cocktail than a Whiskey Sour, and using Jameson makes it one of the best Irish cocktails as well.

60ml Jameson Whiskey

30ml freshly lemon juice

15ml of sugar syrup

20ml of egg white

Lemon to garnish

3. Hot Toddy

Supposed to have healing powers (don’t quote us on that), the Hot Toddy combines honey, lemon and whiskey to make the perfect cocktail. It’s a classic that is often made Scotch but substitute this with Jameson, Bushmills or Teeling and you have a winning concoction.

60ml Irish whiskey

2 tbsp honey

Juice of half a lemon (other half to garnish)

200ml boiling water

Cinnamon stick snapped in half

4. Irish Coffee

While we don’t recommend the Irish Coffee as a pick-me-up before work, it is a great way to enjoy two of life’s greatest gifts: Irish whiskey and coffee. We’ve included measures I the recipe here but really you can enjoy it in anyway you want – even just adding a dash of Irish whiskey and some cream to your evening coffee.

120ml fresh coffee

45ml Irish whiskey

30ml heavy cream or whipped cream

2 tsp brown sugar

Chocolate shavings to garnish

5. Irish gold

Yet another cocktail that combines Irish whiskey with ginger, the Irish Gold is fruity and full of flavour. It was originally developed at Tullamore DEW distillery so we recommend using the same whiskey when making it. You can also find lots of other great whiskey cocktails on their website.

60ml Tullamore DEW

15ml peach schnapps

120ml ginger ale

Dash of orange juice

Orange to garnish 

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