Teeling Small Batch Baltic Porter Catherine the Great Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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With the second in the series of malts that have been matured in Baltic Porter casks, Teeling have created a fantastic malt.

International Collaboration

As the name might suggest, Baltic Porter is made in the Balkins region of Europe. It is a dark beer with lots of hops and a really dense but delicious flavour. Teeling have sourced their casks from the Genys Brewery in Lithuania, who have been making some intriguing beers.

So far in the series, the collaboration have created four different products. This includes two Teeling whiskies, one matured in Chocolate Porter casks and one in Baltic Porter casks, and two Genys Porters, one Chocolate Porter matured in Teeling whiskey casks and one Baltic Porter matured in Teeling whiskey casks (they also have an Imperial Baltic Porter matured in Laphroaig casks, but that’s for another article on another day).

Teeling Small Batch Baltic Porter Catherine the Great Single Malt Irish Whiskey

The mix of flavours, between the dense intensity of the Porter, which has slightly peated notes, and the sweetness of the malt, make for an exceptional whiskey.

The nose begins with big notes of cherries and dark wood with a wonderful hint of smoke throughout. There is a real earthiness to the malt. Oak wood and caramel with dashes of dried fruits and coffee give it a well developed start.

The palate is equally rich. Tart berries with oak wood, notes of vanilla, honey and cut grass make it fresh and smooth. Rye grains with malted breads and seeded loaves add a lovey backdrop for the sweeter, fruity notes to bounce off. The peat smoke is easy going and really stays in the background. The taste however is perfect alongside the oak and caramel.

The finish is strong with lasting notes of dark cherries, almonds and oak wood.

This is an excellent collaboration and we can only hope they continue. The darkness of the beer is perfect alongside the sweetness of the melt. More of this please!

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