Going out at home, a growing trend amongst global drinkers

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Home has become the most popular venue to drink in recent years, and with good reason. Going out at home is the new normal.

Why go out when you can stay home?

There has been an upward trend of people deciding to stay home over the past decade or so. In fact, nightclub admissions has fallen by 23% over the past five years.

Reasons for the trend vary, from wanting to save money to simply wanting to entertain at home.

With easier accessibility to niche drinks and the ability to make cocktails in your own home, it is little wonder that people prefer to stay in.

Craft drinks are much easier to access; you no longer need to go down the local office or pub to get an excellent selection of beers and spirits that you don’t normally come across.

It’s all about sharing, and the best and cheapest way to do that it from the comfort of your living room.

Consumers are more sophisticated these days, looking for new experiences, new types of drinks and things a little bit different from the norm.

It is easier to access these and share them with others if you’re at home.

Cocktail Making

For many years, going out was for drinking cocktails, which you couldn’t make at home.

Mixology was not really a thing, especially not doing it by yourself. Cocktails weren’t really that popular

In recent years however, there has been a boom in people taking the art of cocktail making home.

Cocktail shakers and the tools of the trade are readily available from most shops and they look pretty cool, so many people own their own.

Spirits Boom

The rise in popularity of spirits across the board has also seen cocktail making become more popular.


Whisky and Gin have seen massive increases in interest, and this is driving people to take them home and experiment.

It is also something simple and creative that you can do with your mates. There is very little effort need, and what is needed is often fun. It’s also a lot cheaper than going out and buying cocktails.

Drinking has become an experience that you do together, and cocktail making is part of that.

Food Pairings & Tastings

Another pull for staying in is the chance to create food pairings and enjoy tasting nights.

Again, like cocktail making, people want it have an experience when they drink. They don’t just want to consume alcohol. It’s now about enjoying it and getting as much out of it as possible.

With tastings, it gives people a reason to come together and enjoy a drink, and to get to know what they’re drinking. It’s social but it’s also informative.

Food pairings at home are also becoming very popular. Rather than paying through the nose to attend a food pairing or secretly cracking open six bottles of Whisky under the table at a restaurant, people just stay in and do it themselves.

Freedom at Home

It is also easier for people to tailor the food they make. Maybe they want to cook something specific to their culture or the place they come from. Staying in means you can do that and see how it matches up with your favourite dram.

There are so many reasons why people are staying in now, and it’s not all to do with money.

Home offers freedom of choice and the chance to just enjoy good company, good food, and most importantly, good drinks.

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