REVIEW: The Angels’ Share Whisky Glass and Dropper

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We all know and love the Glencairn Glass but are there other options? Absolutely. Are they interesting? Absolutely. Are they fun? Absolutely. Welcome, The Angels’ Share Whisky Glass and Dropper.

As we all know, I’m always keen to try out new ways of enjoying my whisky and none have piqued my interest more in recent times than The Angels’ Share Whisky Glass and Dropper.

Not only is the shape itself intriguing, but the mechanic of actually consuming the whisky is too.

I’m not sure I’ve ever sipped whisky through a straw, and this initially made me think about such a thing but I was definitely open to seeing what happened when I sipped some precious whisky through the spout.

The name, as I’m confident you will all know, plays on the fact that whisky loses around 2% of spirit each year to evaporation, known affectionately as The Angels’ Share.

Let’s get technical.

Tom Young has been glassblowing since he was 16, and now, nearly 60 years on and a master Craftsman, he still creates wonderful designs and glassware in the heart of central Scotland.

Using Lampworking rather than the familiar kiln glassblowing techniques, all the glass is made on the bench with a firing kiln at their studio in Bridge of Allan, Stirling. Glassmakers from around Scotland contribute to the production process allowing the company to meet the huge demand for these premium Whisky Gifts.

I must say I really did enjoy trying The Angels’ Share Whisky Glass out, it actually felt like drinking whisky out of a pipe at first but once I got over that it made for a highly enjoyable experience that also sparked a lot of conversation about different glasswear and approaches to the whisky consumption moment.

I don’t typically add water to whisky, even cask strength, and it is not out of stubbornness or insistence on not watering it down.

But more about my belief that trying the whisky as the brand and creators intended you to is a marginally purer way of enjoying my blends and singles.

Honestly I am shocked that no one has created something like this before. A device that actually releases just one drop of water at a time so you can control how you change the flavour profile.

On the odd occasion when I do add water to my drink to open up the flavours, I normally end up over watering and thus ruining the drink but with the The Angels’ Share Whisky Diluting Dropper I was able to exact just one drop in to the glass and thus change the experience of the liquid.

The whisky pot still design on the top is also great.


Both products are great, the story is lovely too as is the very hands on nature of the business (and the lovely people who I have been in contact with, Karen especially).

From a personal perspective I would happily buy both products, both for myself and for gifts.

The The Angels’ Share Whisky Glass feels a little niche and requires people to want to try new things and be open minded to consumption rituals and whatnot.

The dropper is just fantastic, they should be handed out en masse at whisky events and perspired to malt hounds the world over; great idea, beautifully executed.

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