Balblair 05 Single Malt Whisky Review

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Balblair might not be the best known distillery out there, but they certainly make a damn good malt. Their Balblair 05 Single Malt is the perfect example.

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First founded John Ross and dating way back to 1790 (making them one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland), Balblair is in the Highlands of Scotland.

It was given a complete transformation over he next hundred years, starting when Ross’s son Andrew moved the main distillery uphill and used the remaining buildings as warehouses.

It is well into the Highlands in a little place called Edderton, also known as the Parish of the Peats.

The distillery is famous not only for its malts, but also being featured in Ken Loach’s Whisky based film The Angel’s Share.

Balblair 05 Single Malt Whisky

But let’s talk about the real reason you’re reading this, and it’s not Balblair’s 15 minutes of fame.

The distillery has a big core range, with lots of different vintages and lots of choice. No matter what you want, it’ll be here.

Their 2005 expression is a wonderful dram and one of the finest Whiskies available.

It has been matured in American oak, ex-Bourbon casks and has an excellent flavour profile.

Tasting notes for Balblair 05 2005 Single Malt Whisky

Bottle cost: £51.95

The nose opens with bold notes of chocolate, malted barley and orchard fruits. The fruit adds a liveliness to the flavour and brings everything together. It continues with warming spices and honey, which is soft and mellow. It goes perfectly with the fruits.

The palate brings in a hint of charred wood and smoke, with more malted grains and citrus fruits.

Floral notes of heather and petals comes in, adding a bit of depth to the flavour. These go excellently with the honey, which in turns gives the mouth feel a smooth texture.

The malt is sweet, with a hint of oak wood that becomes vanilla and caramel. The flavours all bounce off one another.

The finish is full of caramel, flowers and orchard fruits, making for a very well rounded ending.

An excellent example of Balblair malt, the 2005 expression is sophisticated and complex, bringing together some really well developed flavours.

This is a great malt, and a perfect addition to any Whisky collection.

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