The Angel’s Share by James Markert

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This is a story that takes a look at one of the biggest threats to the Bourbon industry in America as well as exploring the relationships and mysteries of its characters.

Set in a little town called Twised Tree in Kentucky, The Angel’s Share is set in 1934, after the great depression and the ending of prohibition.

When a drifter is buried in Potter’s Field, his life and death become somewhat of a legend, and people flock to pay homage and pray at his graveside.

The book’s main character, William McFee, is sceptical about the drifter’s powers. McFee himself is well off, the son of Barley McFee who once ran the Old Sam Bourbon Distillery.

The town has suffered under both the great depression and prohibition but Barley is not keen to re-open the distillery. As William searches for answers around the drifter and his younger brother’s death, it becomes clear that all might not be as it seems in the McFee family.

This is an intriguing book that takes a long look at history and easily finds its place in it.

It is full of well developed characters with lots of interesting plot points and twists to keep you reading.

The author himself has a degree in history and the setting keeps in well with society at the time.

There is a lot to be explored in the novel, not only in the personal lives of the McFee family, but also to do with the people of Twisted Tree and how prohibition and the great depression have affected their lives.

This is also a book that has something to say about distilling and you will find your Whisky knowledge will come in handy.

If you like a good read and a well written book that is as educational as it is intriguing, then The Angel’s Share is perfect!

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