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Paul John, the man behind John Distilleries and it’s hugely successful Paul John Indian Whisky and Original Choice, amongst other brands, grew up knowing the inner world of Whisky distribution.

His father worked as an alcohol distributor and when he left college, John followed his footsteps.

The Journey to “The Great Indian Single Malt”

Later he obtained an alcohol manufacturing licence and created the blended malt Original Choice. This brand has gone on to become one of the most successful Whiskies in the world, selling upwards of 11 million cases a year.

From here he went to America for eight years, where he learnt about Single Malt and became passionate about the product.

The experience inspired him to create his own Single Malt, as he says, “Not for the money, but for the passion of being able to make one”

John is certainly enthusiastic about Whisky and Single Malts in particular, and it is this passion that lead to the success of Paul John Whisky.

Learning The Ropes

He did not rush into the decision to make his own Single Malt, but instead considered it carefully.

He gathered knowledge and experience, learning everything about Single Malt and what makes a good one.

From visiting various distilleries to comparing water from around the world with that from India, he poured time and effort into educating himself about the product.

But this is the effort it takes to create outstanding Whisky, and for John, it all paid off.

Making “The Great Indian Single Malt”

Although Paul John Whisky may have seen huge international success since its launch in 2004, it was only just released in India around a year ago.

But it is already becoming one of the most loved drams in the country. In the first year, John estimated that around 30-35% of their sales where in India alone, and he believes this is only set to rise.

Paul John Whisky is truly an expression of one man’s passion and endurance. With all the hard work John dedicated to learning about distilling Single Malt, it is of no surprise that his own brand would become so popular.

John Distilleries Ltd.

As well as having his own Single Malt, John is also the Chairman of John Distilleries Ltd. (JDL).

This company manages a huge portfolio of Whiskies, Wines and Brandies, which includes Original Choice and Paul John Whisky.

JDL reflects John’s passion for high quality brands and only manage the best products. Today it is one of India’s biggest drinks suppliers.

It is easy to see why Paul John has become such a huge success, on both a local and international scale. His dedication, knowledge and practicality speak for themselves. Now… go forth and try their exceptional whisky… you will thank me. 

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