Paul John Kanya Indian Single Malt Whisky Review

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One of India’s biggest selling brands, Paul John has been around since 1992 when John Distilleries was first founded. This release is a particular gem in their crown.

The Brand

Paul John comes from John Distilleries and is named after Paul John, who grew up around the alcohol industry. His father was an alcohol distributor and John followed the same path after university.

From here he went on to create his own blend, named Original Choice, which has become one of the most successful brands across the world.

This gave him the inspiration to then start his own single malt, which he named Paul John.

He worked long and hard to craft a wonderful single malt and spent years educating himself on what makes a good dram.

The result is a Whisky that is world renowned for its quality.


Bottle cost: £128

Kanya is a perfect example of how good the brand can be. It is an exceptional malt with a bold character and lots of flavour.

It has been matured in first fill American oak casks and is limited to 1500 bottles.

The nose opens with exotic fruits and oak wood. It is sweet, with a fruity tartness that jumps off the delicate wooded flavours.

Mango, peaches and pineapple are all there, with lots of zest and juice.

The palate is heavier on the oak wood and brings in more sweet nuts and vanilla tones. These are deep and well rounded. Pecans, almonds and peanuts are all there, with a lovely oak wood flavour tying them altogether.

Caramel, butterscotch and pastry notes make for a sweet dram. it is brimming with flavour. These go perfectly with the tart fruits as well.

The fruits really come alive on the palate and definitely make themselves known.

The finish is big and bold, with a little bit of heat and more fruity sweetness.

If you’ve never had Paul John Whisky before, Kanya is a great dram to start with. It will soon have you going through their other malts.

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