Powers Gold Label Distillers Cut Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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An exclusive UK release from the newly branded Irish whiskey giant.

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Irish whiskey is hot on the heels of their Scotch, American and Japanese rivals for whiskey world domination and Powers are one of their secret (or not-so-secret-really) weapons.

Powers have a long and colourful history in Ireland having been founded by John Lane in 1791. They are one of the few brands to survive through the 1900s, when a lot of Irish whiskey companies folded. In fact, they were once known as the brand for Catholics in the north of the island, with Bushmills being their Protestant counterpart. That of course was not a stance the brand took themselves, more of a cultural one.

They are a part of the Jameson family and the brand is made in their flagship distillery in Midleton, Cork. Recently the brand had an overhaul, coming back to the market with shiny new labels and new releases. They have a very exacting process, which sees the distillers throw out more of the tops and tails of the whiskey than any other brand. Like most other Irish whiskey brands, Powers is triple distilled and typically matured in American oak barrels.

Tasting Notes Powers Gold Label Distillers Cut Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

One of their most recent release is the Gold Label Distillers Cut. This is a recreation of an old expression for the brand and is exclusive to the UK. This is an exciting addition to the Powers brand that Irish whiskey lovers will be keen to try.

The nose opens with notes of grains and honey. It is smooth and easy going, with a mellow backdrop of wood and orchard fruits.

The palate brings out more wooded notes, with a hint of spice and more honey. The honey is sweet and rich and goes excellently with the oak notes. Fruit flavours of apples and pears also appear. It is full bodied and does not shy away.

The finish lingers on spices with a lasting note of honey and oak wood.

Whether you’re an Irish whiskey fan or not, this is an exceptional dram. It is full of character and a brilliant addition to the Powers line up.

Do you enjoy Powers whiskey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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