Pinhook Straight Rye Whiskey Bourbon N Rye

When you come from the home of the Kentucky Derby, it only makes sense to name your Whiskies after horses. And that's what Pinhook Straight Rye Whiskey Bourbon N Rye have done.

A True Kentucky Bourbon

Pinhook finds its home at the Castle and Key Distillery, which is a literal castle and was built in the 1880s.

Originally the Old Taylor Distillery, it was founded by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. Taylor didn’t want to build any old distillery. Somewhat ahead of his time, he wanted to create a tourist attraction; somewhere people would come to visit.

So with that idea in mind, he built a
castle and welcomed people to come and share in the process of Whiskey making. Today, it is owned by investors Peristyle LLC and headed up by Kentucky’s first female Master Distiller, Marianne Barnes.

Pinhook is one of the brands that are made at Castle and Key, which also includes Restoration Release Vodka and Castle & Key Whiskey. There’s certainly a theme to Pinhook Whiskies and it’s all to do with horses.

Every year Pinhook releases a Bourbon and a Rye. Both are named for a thoroughbred horse, which shows promise at racing. The name for the brand itself, Pinhook, comes from the term pinhooking, which means buying horses when they are young and selling them when they are mature enough to run.  Much like how Whiskey making works.

Released in 2017, this Rye Whiskey is named
for a young horse that stands at 16.1 hands tall (or so the label tells us).

Made from a mash bill that includes 95% rye and 5% malted barley the flavour profile is sweet and fruity.

Tasting notes for Pinhook Straight Kentucky Rye Bourbon N Rye

The nose opens with summer berries and spice. it is fresh and slightly warming, with a hint of caramel sweetness as well. The sweetness and spice are perfect together and go hand in hand with crisp green apple and ripe pear flavours that appear.

The palate is rich and elegant, with hints of molasses, citrus fruits and peppery spice. More rye flavours, with notes of oak wood and a slight hint of smoke, are complemented by vanilla and more caramel. Darker notes of leather, dark cherries and tobacco add a nice depth and warmth.

The finish is dry and mellow, with more oak
wood and vanilla. It round offs wonderfully.

The distillers are clearly choosing Derby worthy Whiskies if this release is anything to go by. It is full of flavour and ends on a high note. Pinhook is definitely a Whiskey you can bet on!

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