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Dry January doesn’t have to mean Bland January. The no/low alcohol industry is really taking off in recent years, as more and more people ditch alcohol and go tee total.

Alcohol Free, Full of Flavour

Taking out the alcohol from spirits doesn’t have to mean you lose out on flavour too. As Dry January comes to an end, many of you might be looking forward to getting out the spirits again and enjoying a nice whisky or gin with all the wonderful flavours that go along with that.

We’re here to tell you that spirits with a high ABV don’t have to be the only thing you can enjoy. There are lots of no/low alcohol drinks out there to choose from. In recent years in fact, there has been a bit of a surge in alcohol free and low  ABV spirits. More and more people are reducing their alcohol intake or ditching it altogether. With this new area of the market opening up, it makes sense that some really high quality no/low alcohol spirits would rush in to fill it.

Spirits Like You’ve Never Had Before

Even if you don’t want to give up alcohol completely or reduce how much you drnk, no/low ABV spirits are great anyway. They are full of interesting flavours, and since there’s no alcohol, they usually have a not-extortionate price.

Seedlip are one of the originally no alcohol spirits. You can usually find them in the alcohol isle still, and they look like a typical gin. The only noticeable absence is the alcohol. Their Spice 94 spirit is full of flavours you would often associate with gin, including nutmeg and plenty of citrus notes.

STRYKK Not Gin is similar. It is also fashioned on gin but without the alcohol. The flavours are bold, with lots of juniper and herbal notes. It is comparable to Salcombe New London Light, which is also juniper-forward and is incredibly reminiscent of a high quality gin.

These spirits are easy to enjoy and typically go with a standard tonic that you would mix with gin anyway. The flavours are well developed and just as good as a spirit with alcohol.

For the non-Gin Lovers

If gin isn’t your thing, there is plenty else to choose from. Lyre’s American Malt is perfect for whisky lovers who might not appreciate the 40% and above ABV. It is alcohol free but still brings out the rich oaky flavours of whisky, with a lovely spice to it as well.

The Nightcap by Three Spirits is also a perfect whisky alternative. This is a really intriguing spirit, with lots of herbal notes. It has full on oak notes that give it a warming and woody flavour too. Think of you favourite whisky based cocktail, and this would go perfectly with it.

Dry February?

So with all that and the countless other alcohol free beverages out there, including a rising amount of big name beers and lagers, Dry January doesn’t have to be boring. You can still enjoy the experience of drinking a spirit with none of the alcohol.

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