Jura Origin Review (10 year old) Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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What did I make of Jura Origin 10 year old? I'm glad you ask. Here, in full, is my Jura Origin review.

There is certainly a je ne sais quoi to a whisky with a history and the Jura Origin 10 year old is a perfect example of this. The Isle of Jura is a little island off the Scottish western coast, which has only one road, one distillery and one shop and was famously described by George Orwell as being at “the most un-get-at-able place.” The distillery was transformed from being derelict in 1963 to what it is today, in effect the backbone of an island’s economy and a 196-strong community.

What the Diurachs (Gaelic for ‘the people of Jura’) from jurawhisky.com say about Origin:

“It’s the whisky that signifies the rebuilding of our community and rebirth of the Jura distillery. On the front of the bottle is a Celtic symbol for birth, beginnings and the forces of nature. It’s something that we added to our unique bottle because we thought it symbolised our unique story, and the whisky that is at the heart of everything we do.”

So, let’s get straight to the whisky itself.

Jura bottles are perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing whiskey bottles you can find with their smooth curves and bold labeling, which means no Jura Origin review would be complete without at least a passing mention to the Origin bottle itself. As the pictures demonstrate, the Jura Origin bottle does not disappoint. When poured, the whisky has a light, caramel-gold colour.

When poured, the whisky has a light, caramel-gold colour.

On the nose, there is caramel as well as oak, subtle floral notes and what I can only describe as a pleasant tartness. Additionally, there is the slightest hint of countryside peat. On the tongue, it is light and delicate, with notes of caramel, honey, oak and a slight nod toward sweet apples. It feels also a little drying on the mouth, but the taste makes up for this.

I would say that due to its lightness (and if you prefer lighter, more delicate whiskies) then this would be a great, affordable choice of whisky especially for a summer’s evening.

If however light and delicate doesn’t do it for you, there is the tempting options of perhaps Jura’s peaty & smokey Prophecy or its fruitier, spicier counterpart, Jura’s Elixir.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning something about the island of Jura and what they do there as well as tasting Jura Origin with me. I’ve greatly enjoyed writing this review and would love to hear your views below!

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