Floki Icelandic Young Malt Sheep Dung Smoked

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Yep you read that right. Sheep dung used to smoke a Whisky. Sounds pretty weird, but hear us out.

Floki, the Whisky in question, hails from the Eimverk Distillery, in Reykjavík, Iceland. While it still hasn’t been released due to its youthfulness (the first 3-Year-Old expression is due out in November 2017) it is already showing great promise.

Eimverk haven’t been around for long, but they have been doing interesting things, and Floki is just one of them.

This malt has been made using the very finest in renewable sources – sheep dung and Icelandic barley.  That’s quite a combination.

Using poo as fuel is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, and the Icelandic people are particularly found of using sheep dung.

This is where Eimverk got the idea to use Sheep Dung to smoke their malt, as it is a tradition that has been occurring on the island for a long time.

And it certainly results in a different flavour profile to the countless other smoked drams that exist.

It’s also important to take into consideration the fact that this is an incredibly young malt, so the age of the dram must be considered too.

The nose opens with earthy tones and a slightly balsamic taste. There is a definite acidic tang, with a sweeter note coming through underneath it.

The sweetness is smooth like caramel, with hints of chocolate and butterscotch to it.

The smoke becomes more obvious once you get to the palate. It is thick but not overly pungent. It wraps itself around some tangy citrus fruits.

The sweetness is full of cereal notes, with lots of barley and malted brown bread coming out. This makes for a lovely base that the smoke can really make itself known against.

The smoke itself is quite ashy and not as sweet as the smoke you usually taste in Whisky.

The body of the malt is wonderfully light and easy going.

The finish is light as well, with a hint of smoke and some cereal notes.

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