Dry January? Check out Seedlip Spice 94 as a 0% alternative

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Seedlip is a brand that is reinvigorating the drinks market by filling the gap between soft drinks and alcoholic spirits.

Created by Ben Branson, who takes inspiration from a 400 year old book of distillation, this is the drink that you will be reaching for next time you are designated driver.

Instead of the typical sugar filled soft drinks or run of the mill fruit juices – or heaven forbid, water – Seedlip is the answer to the question of what to drink when you can’t drink alcohol and don’t want to feel like you’re at a kid’s birthday party.

This is a non-alcoholic spirit with all the class and sophistication of alcoholic spirits that one could ask for.  It is served and prepared in a similar way to alcoholic spirits and does not take away from the experience of drinking that soft drinks tend to do.

As Ben himself puts it “This is something to sip. It’s not something to gulp down. There’s an adult aspect to this”.

Seedlip will change the way you drink when you’re not drinking alcohol from now on.  It will allow you to socialise over your drink and to discuss it in the same way that you might Gin or Whisky, with plenty of flavour for analysis and appreciation.

Currently Seedlip have two products on the market with Spice 94 taking helm.

Spice 94 has been distilled in a similar fashion to Gin and is packed full of interesting notes and aromas.  It is made up of six different botanicals, including American oak, cardamom, allspice, lemon peel, cascarilla bark and grapefruit.

Clove takes the lead, in place of the typical juniper of Gin.  It is joined by a wonderfully rich wooded and earthy tone that has its roots in the American oak.

On the nose these flavours are bold and encouraging for what is to some.  The wooded notes are especially great, with a sweet and boisterous oak that is not overwhelming but knows where to take its place.

The palate develops these notes into a full symphony of flavour.

The wooded notes are joined by tangy citrus that has a wonderfully sharpness.  Like the oak it is well defined but not overwhelming.

The spices also come through with a strong showing on the palate.  The clove has a warming quality and is joined by allspice and nutmeg.

These spices contribute wonderfully to the earthy notes and work alongside the oak in harmony.  At this point the bark gives over its sweet edge to a slightly cinnamon tone that blends in perfectly with the other spices.

The finish is long and lingering, allowing the warmth of the spices to leave a lasting effect on the taste buds, with a nice citrus tang to wrap it all up.

Seedlip’s own recommended serve is with Tonic and a twist of Red Grapefruit, and you would be advised to try it, regardless of whether you’re drinking or not!

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