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Uisge Source (pronounced 'oosh-guh') - the world’s first range of spring waters created exclusively to enhance the whisky drinking experience – has been going from strength to strength in 2016 with sales to over 15 countries, including recent orders to Russia for over 150k bottles.

The 1st consignment of 45,000 bottles left for Moscow towards the end of last year and the company is on track to sell over 500,000 units in 2017.

As well as new sales to Russia, Uisge Source has recently shipped over 50,000 bottles to countries including Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, France and Poland and is available in 85 premium gift stores in Sweden.

Uisge Source was created by Graeme Lindsay in 2013 following 7 years in the whisky industry as Marketing Director for single malt whiskies including Glenmorangie, Dalmore, Isle of Jura and Ardbeg.

“The Drop that Makes the Dram” was inspired by the suggestion from whisky experts that the best water to add to whisky is the water that made it and the subsequent discovery that each single malt region uses a different type of water which opens up different aromas and flavours when added to glasses of the same whisky.

The waters are sourced from private springs close to some of the popular Distilleries in the single malt whisky regions and match the chemistry of the waters used by the distilleries:

a hard, high mineral water from St Colman’s Well in the Highland Whisky Region
a soft, low mineral water from the Cairngorms Well in the Speyside region
and a spring water high in natural acidity and moderate minerality from the Ardilistry Spring on Islay.

Joshua St John at the Whiskey Wash blog was pleasantly surprised when he conducted his own experiments by adding the same measure of each Uisge Source water into different glasses of the same whisky.

“While still sitting in front of my notes and glasses during each tasting, I was quite simply astounded. I was absolutely laughing out loud out at the sheer joy of being proven so wrong. Each region’s water’s impact on whisky was indeed dramatic and individual. Now, I stand before you amused and more than a little humbled. The experience of combining regionally-sourced water with complimentary whiskies was far more illuminating than I had anticipated”.

Camper English from Alcademics also conducted the same comparative aroma and taste experiments, “I was surprised at how these waters with subtle differences brought out pronounced differences in the whisky. Awesome”.

Uisge Source was a winner of the 2014 Scottish Edge competition for Scottish Entrepreneurs, securing funds to accelerate growth of the business which has recently moved to its own larger production premises, allowing the business to increase its botting capacity and take on additional production staff.

Graeme explains this recent success:

“The increasing demand for Uisge Source is being driven by aficionados who are more discerning about the provenance and quality of their spirit mixer. Retailers and whisky companies also want to ensure they are offering the best quality accompaniments”

Olaf Meier from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, who feature Uisge Source waters in their bars and at Member tastings commented, ” The water really enhances the flavours of the whiskies you’re buying”.

Susan Galloway, Bar and Dining Room Manager at the exclusive Caledonian Club in London commented: “Uisge Source spring waters have generated a lot of interest. We pride ourselves on our range of single malts and including Uisge Source helps to ensure our whiskies are presented and enjoyed at their best.”

The Canny Mans Whisky Bar in Edinburgh stocks over 300 whiskies and have been serving Uisge Source spring waters with their Single Malts for the last 2 years. Owner Mark Kerr commented:

“We feature Uisge Source spring waters as part of our whisky tastings and single malt serve. There is no doubt that they add sophistication to our whisky experience and reinforce the importance of provenance and appreciating good single malt Scotch”

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