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A good hip flask is hard to find. Either they look like they are out of date and for old men, or they are for students, with gaudy designs that don’t look like the kind of thing someone would be impressed at seeing you pull out of your suit pocket.

But the X Flask changes all that. This is a hip flask that you would feel proud pulling out in front of your boss or co-worker and one that is guaranteed to make your friends jealous.

It was developed by Markus Ganterer who was looking for a wedding present for a friend that would stand out from the rest.

He found the perfect hip flask, and got it engraved to add a personal touch. It wasn’t until his friend told him how much interest the hip flask got from admirers that he realised his gift could be something more than a one time thing.

From here he created X Flasks, named for their “X Factor”, and as the company says, “This powerful letter also features in words we associate with -luXury and eXcellence”.

It is easy to see why these flasks are associated with luxury and excellence just by looking at them. With a sleek, seamless design that does not allow for leakage, it is both practical and stylish.

They also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you know this is a company that believes in their product. Another perk are the free caps, so should you lose yours, your hip flask will not become immediately redundant.

You can get the X Flask in a range of colours, including Rose Gold, Silver and Gold, so it’ll go with all your modern accessories no matter which finish you prefer.

A union jack pouch is also available, with an elegant vintage finish. It strikes a fine balance between vintage nostalgia and modern style.

As well as a fantastic accessory for any modern man or woman, this is also the perfect gift. It really does stand out as something special and with the added ability to get it engraved, you can make it very personal.

There are also gift collections available, with the pouch or a mini bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey included.

The X Flask really does transform the traditional idea of the hip flask. They take the slightly comedic and tacky look and turn it on its head with a product that looks incredible and has a definite air of refinement to it.

Whether you are buying for yourself or for a friend or family member, this is a gift that you will not regret getting.

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