Method and Madness Mulberry Wood Finished Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Wowing the whiskey world once again, Method and Madness have released a single pot still whiskey matured in mulberry wood, considered to be a world first.

It’s in the name

Method and Madness have really captured their raison d’etre with their brand name. “Method and Madness” captures everything they are about and both sides play a huge part in the making of this whiskey.

The brand was first started by Masters and Apprentices at Midleton Distillery, who decided to collaborate on a new brand that would push the limits of what we know about whiskey making. This is a really exciting brand to see in Ireland, which has had a long and chequered history in distilling. The country is experiencing a huge increase in whiskey brands appearing in recent years and Method and Madness are certainly one of the most innovative.

They have been exploring different maturation and finishing styles on their malt to see what flavour profiles they can create. So far they have used chestnut wood, acacia, Hungarian oak, French limousine and wild cherry wood. This mulberry wood edition is the latest in the line up.

Apparently, this has been the toughest one yet. The brand’s Maturation Research and Innovation Technologist, Anna Lazaridou, said: “With its unusual wood structure and small cask size, there’s no doubt that mulberry wood presented its challenges, with early trials failing. But in the ethos of the Method and Madness range, our relentless dedication to trial and error has produced a beautifully balanced whiskey.”

Tasting notes for Method and Madness Mulberry Wood Finished Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The nose begins with notes of caramel and apple pie. There is a very woody aroma, with a hint of dew covered grass. Pine nuts and vanilla also come through.

The palate is rich and crisp. It is full of orchard notes and warming spices like paprika and cayenne pepper. Pear, apples and a hint of citrus add a lovely sweetness. There is still a heavily wooded quality, reminiscent of sawdust.

The finish is strong, with wooded tones and a lovely spice to end.

Method and Madness push the boat out every time with their finishing techniques and they are creating whiskey full of flavour and intrigue because of it.

Do you enjoy Method and Madness and their different finishing styles? What do you think of their Mulberry Wood Finished Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey? Start the conversation in the comments!

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