Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky Review

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Johnnie Walker is perhaps one of the best-known Whisky brand around. They are massively popular, and their Red Label is the world’s best selling Scotch blend. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label stands out as a rare and premium blend.

The brand itself has been around in some form since 1819, when a young John Walker opened his grocery store and began selling his very popular Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky.

It wasn’t until after his death, when his son Alexander took over, that the brand really began to take off and Johnnie Walker was started on the road to the success it sees today.

In 1867 Alexander released the Old Highland Whisky blend, which was considered one of the best drams around at the time. Today it is commemorated by their Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a Whisky that is made from only one in ten thousand casks.

Needless to say, this is an exceptional dram, with lots of flavour and wonderfully smooth mouth feel.

Tasting notes for Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky

The nose begins with toasted white sugar and orchard fruits. peaches, apricots and apples come through with hints of cream and honey. There is a gentle warmth to it that really brings out the fruity flavours. Candy floss and toffee apples bring in more sweetness, with a nice, elegant edge.

The palate is big and bold, bringing in more fruit and a lovely note of chocolate. It is creamy and rich. Honey, nutmeg, baking powder and almonds create a wonderful mix of all different flavours. The mouth feel is smooth, with the honey lending a brilliantly soft texture. The grains can definitely be tasted, and add a nice delicate note.

The finish is full of white sugar, chocolate and apples. The flavours tie in brilliantly together.

This is a great malt that will feed your sweet tooth and your craving for Whisky at the same time. A fantastic addition to the Adnams line up.The nose opens with bold notes of spicy vanilla and oak wood. These are big flavours, with lots of body and richness.

Here is a lovely soft fruity flavour coming through as well, with hints of oranges and limes, which are complemented with a summer berry tan that adds a slovenly bite to the dram

The oak wood is thick and ties these flavours all together. A slight smokiness can be detected.

The palate developed each note perfectly, bringing together a refined nose with a smooth and easy-going mouth feel

The vanilla becomes more like caramel, with a hint of burnt brown sugar to it. There is a delicate smokiness that goes along with this.

Slightly herbal notes make an appearance, with heather and thyme coming through. These go especially well with the oak and fruit notes and a hint of apple blossom that appears.

Underneath all the sweetness is a gentle cereal flavour with a little bit of barley coming out.

The finish wraps everything up with a wonderful oak tone that is thick and full of flavour. It is joined by some cinnamon spice that leaves a lasting warmth.

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