Johnnie Walker 1820 Blended Scotch Whisky

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A celebration of the brand’s origins and only released in the Japanese market; this is an incredibly rare but also brilliant blend.

Founding Year

All die hard fans of Johnnie Walker will know that the company was originally founded in 1820. This was when John Walker first opened his grocery store and began selling his own blended Scotch, as was common practice back then. John Walker’s blend just happened to be some of the best around, and eventually they became one of the best known and best selling blends around the globe.

Therefore, 1820 is a pretty substantial year for Johnnie Walker, and it makes sense for the brand to celebrate their founding story. This release in particular is a really exciting edition and a great way to honour that year in particular.

The blend is said to be made up of around 40 different whiskies, with the youngest being 21 years old. That is quite an accolade and makes for a wonderfully smooth blend. It was released several years ago and only on the Japanese market, so is quite hard to come by. If you do manage to find a bottle, it would set you back a few hundred at least, but the promise of those 40 whiskies in one harmonious blend might just be too much to say no to.

Tasting notes for Johnnie Walker 1820 Blended Scotch Whisky

The nose is mellow and full of oak wood. It is elegant and lingers on sweet notes of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon spice. There are delicate hints of citrus fruits throughout and a final warming note of smoke.

The palate develops each flavour into a fantastic harmony. They all work together to create a smooth, mellow body. Oak wood, caramel and spicy notes appear, alongside more gentle notes of cinnamon and hazelnut.

The finish is strong and lingers on oak wood.

Johnnie Walker 1820 is an intriguing blend, which hits all the right notes. The perfect way to commemorate the most important year in the brand’s history.

What do you think of Johnnie Walker and their blends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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