Jack Ryan 15-Year-Old Limited Edition Cask Strength Single Malt Irish Whisky

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Beggar’s Bush is a quintessentially Irish pub that has been based in Dublin since 1803.

It has played a major part in Irish history and is situated near the site of the first army barracks that were handed over to Michael Collins and the new Irish Government in 1922. That’s quite a unique background, packed full of character and historical significance.

This month they have released their Jack Ryan 15-Year-Old Single Malt that captures this character and is brimming with Irish inspiration!

Named for the Ryan family patriarch to mark the centenary of his birth, this limited edition 15-Year-Old cask strength malt joins Beggar’s Bush already impressive range.

They have been creating their single malt since 1913, when Thomas Ryan first took over the Beggar’s Bush pub on the Haddington Road.

Before this release they launched a 12-Year-Old single malt and were rewarded greatly for their efforts.  They won Best Single Malt 12-Year-Old and under at the 2014 Irish Whisky awards.

Fingers crossed their 15-Year-Old will have the same effect!

This particular expression is a limited edition and only 500 bottles have been released.  So snap it up while you still can, and just in time for Christmas too!  Perfect for every Irish Whisky lover!

It has been matured in premium Bourbon Casks, giving it sweet and smooth mouth feel that perfectly complements the smoothing effects of Irish triple distillation.

The nose opens with orchards full of fruit, bursting with apples and pears and the odd summer berry.

It also has an oaky dullness that is a nice subtle note against the fruity tang.

On the palate these flavours are joined by a cinnamon spiciness and the oak is developed in a sweet vanilla that also has spicy warmth to it.

The palate is incredibly smooth and the flavours mix well with each other to create depth and complexity.

The oak also has a mild nuttiness to it, like hazelnuts of pecans.

The sweetness lasts into the finish, which rounds off well and doesn’t last too long.

This is an interesting dram from an intriguing place that is full of history and character.

We will have to wait and see if it can follow in the footsteps of the 12-Year-Old and impress on a wider scale!

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