Eden Mill Whisky 2023 Range – Lovingly Distilled in the Lowlands

Scotland is famous for many things. Irn Bru, haggis, friendly locals, gorgeous and rugged wildlife and countryside, stunning golf courses, and of course, a wee dram, or should that be, a GREAT dram, of whisky.

Here at Great Drams, we’re very familiar with Scotland, and every time we visit it never disappoints. On the subject of golf and whisky for example, you have to talk about St Andrews. Located on the east coast of Fife, this amazing town is steeped in history, and is home to what is widely regarded as the best golf course on the planet.

St Andrews is a stunning part of Scotland, and not only is it the spiritual home of golf, it’s also home to Eden Mill St Andrews Distillery, who have been knocking it out of the park recently, with their Lowlands single malt.

Located on the Eden Estuary’s banks, Eden Mill became the first combined brewery and distillery in all of Scotland, when in 2014 they started to produce both Gin and Scotch whisky. While their gin is equally as delicious, it’s a great dram we like to focus on here, so here’s a look at 3 of their most popular expressions.

Eden Mill Sherry Cask

The first whisky that we’re looking at today is the Eden Mill, Sherry Cask, one of three released in 2023.

This whisky has all of the characteristics that you’d expect to find in a lowland. It’s smooth, soft, and elegant – very much reminiscent of the region in which it is produced.

As you can probably gather from the name, this exquisite drop has been aged carefully within sherry casks. Specifically, two favourites in the whisky world, which are Oloroso sherry casks and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks in Spain. The casks help impart a sweetness and smoothness to the whisky, just as you’d expect with a lowlands expression.

Photo Credit: Eden Mill

The whisky itself is coloured naturally, picking up a gorgeous amber honey colour from the casks it is aged in. It is also non-chill filtered, and offers a warming, but pleasant, 46% ABV.

On the nose, the taste experience begins, as you immediately pick up notes of moist fruit cake, sticky toffee and date pudding, honey glazed figs, peanut butter brittle, and a touch of warm winter spice, with undertones of smooth oak.

On the palate, prepare for your senses to awaken as you’ll immediately be able to pick up notes and flavours of chocolate coated nuts and raisins, candied citrus fruits, nutmeg, lightly toasted oak, and smooth and creamy malt. There is also a hint of sweet apricot jam lingering in the background for some.

The finish is smooth and moreish, offering a wonderfully velvet smooth and creamy mouthfeel. You should be able to pick up sweet, toasted oak notes, with caramel, vanilla, and warm winter spice to finish.

Eden Mill Bourbon Cask

What do you do if you’re a single malt drinker, who’s also partial to the sweet, oaky, maple syrup-like notes that you get from bourbon? Well, you could invest in a bottle of Eden Mill Bourbon Cask whisky.

Another stunning tipple from the lowlands, this expression emphasises everything that’s great about Scotland and its whisky distilling heritage.

This single-malt is aged in ex-bourbon whiskey casks sourced exclusively from the USA. It is the second of Eden Mill’s 2023 releases, and is presented in its natural state, which is a light golden straw colour.

Photo Credit: Eden Mill

Non-chill filtered, this too comes in at 46% yet offers slightly more burn than its sherry-aged counterpart. As we love everything there is to love about Scotch, we were also excited to learn that this particular expression was the first of its kind from Eden Mill, to feature a new, tall, sleek, and slender bottle design.

On the nose sweet vanilla and honeycomb can be picked up immediately, closely followed by buttery porridge and barley sugar. There is a hint of toasted oak thanks to the bourbon casks.

On the palate, you’ll be able to taste a cacophony of sweet and fruity flavours, including salted caramel, baked apple and cinnamon crumble, spiced oak, bourbon whisky, pecan and maple syrup cereal, and a whisper of lemon and lime zest to tie everything together.

The finish lingers and is delicately smooth, offering a lingering spicy finish, a touch of sweet charred oak, and buttery, golden syrup flapjacks.

Eden Mill The Guard Bridge

Finally, for the third of our 2023 range from Eden Mill, we have their hugely popular, The Guard Bridge.

The creation of head distiller Scott Ferguson, this whisky takes its name from the six-arched, 15th century Guard Bridge which connected the town of St Andrews with Guardbridge, its old trading port. The bridge joined the north with the south, and is representative of the distillery’s past with its present.

Again, it is 46% ABV, non-chill filtered, and is a natural straw colour. This whisky is a blend of aged Highland single malts and Lowland single malts, including their very own St Andrews single malt.

Photo Credit: Eden Mill

On the nose, you should be able to pick up moist madeira cake, toasted oak, freshly cut summer grass, poached apricots and pears, salted caramel, and mulled spices. There is a lot going on here.

On the palate, the excitement continues, as you should be able to taste plenty of creamy vanilla fudge, toasted vanilla, golden syrup and buttery flapjacks, sweet sherry fruits, toasted oak, and sweet and crunchy barley sugar.

The finish lingers yet is deceptively short, offering the drinker notes of warm gingerbread, Jamaican ginger cake, sweet butterscotch, and a hint of very, very lightly charred oak.

If you’re looking for a selection of rare, award-winning, limited-edition, and delicious Scotch Whisky just like the one listed above, be sure to head on over to our website Greatdrams.com website and check out the selection of amazing drams we have available.

Here you’ll find all manner of different whiskies, primarily Scotch, to suit all palates and budgets, that you simily can’t get on the high street.

Whether you’re looking for smooth and creamy reminiscent of the Lowlands whisky covered above, a harsh and smoky dram from Islay, with plenty of peat, a tart and fruity expression, or anything in between, here at Great Drams, we’ve got everything you need, and plenty more besides.  

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