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Isn't it strange how things come around? A chance meeting in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society in January has led to my involvement as resident Whisk(e)y Wizard for The Dram Team, and yes that is what it says on my business cards, but my journey to The Dram Team started four years ago strangely enough.

In the summer of 2012, my wife and I sat in Green Park with a bottle of bubbles enjoying a picnic ahead of heading over to The Mall to watch the first day of Olympic Beach Volleyball competition. As we sat there I thrashed out ideas for a ‘whisky samples by mail’ service. Seriously; the screenshot of the resulting Evernote note dated 2012 is below.

It all made so much sense then I got caught up in my consulting business so never got around to build the idea into something real.

Then forty-two months later, thanks to an introduction from legendary SMWS Brand Ambassador John McCheyne, I met Chris Borrow, who I recently interviewed for GreatDrams which you can read here.

Chris instantly impressed me; he was open and honest about being on a whisky learning journey whilst also being excited for an idea he had had that he wanted to turn into reality.

After a couple more meetings and discussions he brought me on board to be his whisky champion for the company and to curate the whiskies each month, amongst other things.

Having now worked with Chris on the building of The Dram Team for nearly four months I can safely say that his attention to detail, ability to make things happen and make great connections has impressed me, in truth I instinctively knew he would be a great business partner when we were going through the ‘courting’ stage ahead of officially working together, but seeing it in practice has been impressive.

For those who are unaware, The Dram Team sell wonderful boxes of whisky containing:

  • Five 25ml drams of whisky
  • The “Sixth Dram”: Our super-special 10ml taster dram
  • A set of deluxe tasting note cards
  • A guided tour of the flight, in letter form
  • Our standard subscription pack will be priced at just £25 per month and we will officially launch June 7th 2016.

How the whiskies are chosen

I have approached the choosing of the whisky each month with a clear mandate; don’t be obvious. The Dram Team is about exploration, trying new whisky, exploring the whisky produce from many different countries and, simply, enjoying the best of what whisky has to offer.

The packaging

We have tested the exact experience you will enjoy when you receive your monthly boxes both pre and post design decisions.

I’m excited to be a part of something so interesting and to be on a journey with Chris and Jamie, the third company shareholder who handles the data and digital side of things and hope you will take a look and get involved.

We are offering great discounts through our launch period through

I’m interested in hearing what you think about it all so please do email me on my usual email [email protected] or leave a comment below and I will answer any and all questions.

Full disclosure: I am a minor shareholder in The Dram Team

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