Invergordon 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition Single Grain 1961 – 2011

Invergordon isn’t just home to the current 2 x defending World’s Strongest Man Tom ‘The Albatross’ Stoltman, and his brother, former Europe’s Strongest Man and current log press world record holder (221kg) Luke ‘The Highland Oak’ Stoltman, it’s also home to the prestigious Invergordon Distillery, who have produced some of the finest whiskies in all of Scotland.

Established in 1959, Invergordon Distillery went through a series of owners before being purchased by Alliance Global under the Whyte & Mackay name in 1993.

Invergordon whisky quickly gained a reputation for being smooth and very palatable, and was marketed as a whisky that could be enjoyed by women as well as men.

To commemorate the whisky’s 50th anniversary, Invergordon Distillery recently released their 50th anniversary single grain. This highly prestigious, highly collectible whisky would make a welcome addition to any whisky collector’s cellar.

Invergordon 50th Anniversary Single Grain Limited-Edition

To commemorate the distillery’s 50th year of production back in 2011, Invergordon Distillery released this fabulous single grain.

This single grain whisky has all of the characteristics you’d expect to find from a premium grain whisky, along with a few more besides.

This particular single grain contains a selection of whiskies from the very first cask number 1. This was filled on the first day of production, way back on the 22nd of July, 1961. Along with this however, it has also been blended with 1973 Invergordon, as well as other aged Invergordon grain whiskies.

The end result is a complex whisky with plenty of nose, an amazing taste, and a fantastic finish.

Tasting Notes

As you can imagine, with a whisky that has been aged this long, there are all kinds of wonderful scents, smells, and tastes to be enjoyed should you choose to pour yourself a wee dram of this little beauty.

We’re unsure of the ABV, but you can rest assured it’s going to be comfortably above 40% and will likely be round the 46 – 48% mark.

The whisky has a stunning, crystal clear golden honey colour that compliments the blacks, whites, and golds on the bottle’s label perfectly.

On the nose you’ll quickly learn that this is a peaty and earthy tipple, with a deceptive richness to it. After the peat, you’ll detect chocolate notes, lemon zest, and cooked fruits.

On the palate, sticky apple sauce shines through, coupled by woodsmoke, toasted oak, dried figs, rich leather, purple heather, candied marmalade and buttered teacakes.

The finish is ridiculously smooth, with hints of pear drops, honeyed figs, lavender, toasted oak, and a touch of toasted almonds.

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