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The guys at the Wild Beer Co. have everything you need to be successful: passion, imagination and, of course, beer.

Everything about this brand is entrenched in the 21st century. They are a crowdfunded, craft brewery that looks for new and exciting ways to create beer that includes barrel ageing and smoking.

They are big into flavour and have a wide array of flavour profiles and expressions. This is like beer made for Whisky enthusiasts who love to get into the nitty gritty of exactly what goes into their drink.

Here we take a look at some of their most interesting and daring projects.


Inspired by the Mexican soft drink of the same name, this beer is crafted using traditional Mexican ingredients including pineapples, demerara sugar, and cinnamon. The original Tepache itself is made from fermented pineapples and spices, and those are the flavours at the Wild Beer Co. have tried to capture, and with great effect.

Made in its honour, the beer form of Tepache is fruity and sour, with a wonderful tangy zest to it. There is also a mouth-watering warmth that encapsulates the Mexican sun. Drinking Tepache is almost like being on a beach in Cancun, with a blue sea in front of you and only the wind behind you. The fruitiness is sweet and soft, with the pineapple really coming through. There are also lots of citrus flavours that go hand in hand with the cinnamon spices.


Billionaire is perhaps the perfect example of just how inventive and creative the boys at the Wild Beer Co. can be.

Inspired by the food served at their restaurant, Billionaire is a stout with a spicy, luxurious twist. It has been brewed with lactose, sea salt, caramelised miso paste and tonka beans, giving it an edge of glamour and sophistication. The caramelised miso is sweet and rich, with aromatic notes and a slightly herbal tone to it. The sea salt only adds to this, giving the beer a sharpness for the sweeter flavours to bounce off. This beer will take you to the grandest restaurant in Japan and let you truly savour it.


The predecessor to Billionaire, this beer is luxury defined. Everything about Millionaire is extravagant, from the Cornish sea salted caramel to the Valrhona cocoa nibs that go into making this a beer for kings and dessert lovers alike.

If you hadn’t already guessed it, Millionaire is a salted caramel and chocolate beer that is smooth and rich, and will make you feel exactly the same. It is creamy and sweet, with a caramel flavour that that melts in the mouth. There is a slight vanilla hint to it that brings in warming qualities and gives it a bit of depth. The chocolate is equally as good, with a smooth texture and luxurious feel to it. The Cornish sea salt brings in a lovely tang to the beer and wraps all the sweet notes together, allowing them to play in harmony as it wafts around them.

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