Hinch Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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An exciting expression from a new distillery in the north of Ireland, introducing peat to their smooth bodied Irish malt.

A New Distillery

Hinch Distillery is set to open later this year (2020) and represents an exciting new venture in Northern Ireland. Based near the town of Ballynahinch, from which it takes it’s name, the distillery will include a visitor centre and tasting rooms.

The £15m distillery will be a new tourist attraction and hopefully add to the experience of whiskey lovers who often visit the island to explore their drams more. In recent years there have been several distilleries opening in Ireland. Hinch is the latest in a boom of gin and whiskey distilleries opening to embrace the rising popularity of the spirits.

For decades Bushmills was the only distillery in Northern Ireland. Dating back to the 1700s, it boasts being the oldest licensed distillery in the world. These days the market is more crowded, with distilleries such as Shortcross, Echlinville, Boatyard, Kilowen, Hughes, and now Hinch, to name a few.

Hinch Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Like many distilleries, Hinch have released expressions from their range before their opening, to give people an idea of what to expect. This is typical of new distilleries trying to build a brand before they can actually produce any product. It takes at least three years to age new make spirit into whiskey, so buying whiskey from other distilleries with a similar flavour profile allows brands to showcase their nose for quality malt.

As well as a Single Malt Peated Irish Whiskey, Hinch Distillery has also released a Single Pot Still, Sherry Cask malt, Bourbon Cask and Double Wood finished malt. They also create the Ninth Wave Gin.

Tasting notes for Hinch Distillery Single Malt Peated Irish Whiskey

Bottle cost: £32.46

The nose begins with big sweet notes of caramel and sticky toffee. There is a really thick smoke note and a very earthy flavour to the peat. Notes of mahogany and oak appear as well.

The palate is rich and exciting. It is full of sweet fruit flavours such as strawberries and crisp apples. The peat plays an important role here and wafts throughout, bringing in lovely earthy, slightly salted flavours. There is a lovely herbal note as well.

The finish is bold, with strong notes of peat and fennel.

This is a great single malt and bodes well for what is still to come from the Hinch Distillery. We can’t wait until it opens to be able to see it all in action.

What do you think of Hinch Distillery and their new releases? Let us know in the comments!

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