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Scotland is home to some truly amazing distilleries, and as many will agree, is home to the finest whisky on the planet. Now, that’s not to knock whisky produced in other countries, we know Ireland produces some fine whiskey (note the ‘e’) and even Japan of all places, has produced some truly fine drams over the years. Scotch whisky, however, is in a league all on its own.

With numerous stunning distilleries scattered around the highlands, the Glenturret distillery has been turning a lot of heads over the last few years, and their peat smoked 10-year-old, and 12-year-old have both proved to be real winners with whisky lovers and casual drinkers alike.

Either bottle would make an incredibly thoughtful Christmas or birthday present, but to help you decide which you’d like to go with, why not compare the two?

Here’s an overview of Glenturret Distillery and their 10, 12, and peat-smoked range.

Same Distillery, New Beginnings

Located in Perthshire, on the banks of the Turret River, the Glenturret Distillery is one of Scotland’s oldest working distilleries.

Founded way back in 1763, the distillery was purchased in 2018 by the Lalique Group. Lalique invested heavily in the distillery, renovating it, bringing in new master blenders, and overhauling the entire business.

They took what was once an under-appreciated and aging distillery and gave it a new lease of life. Thanks to popular ranges such as the Glenturret 10 and 12, and the peat smoked Glenturret 10, it is now one of the most popular brands and distilleries in Scotland.

The Glenturret 10 Years Old Peat Smoked

Like many distilleries, peat is very much engrained in the history of Glenturret, and what better way to celebrate this amazing gift from Mother Nature herself, than by creating one of the finest peat smoked Scotch whiskies on the market today.

This light amber coloured single malt Scotch whisky comes in at an impressive 50% ABV, so the burn is definitely there.

Matured in a selection of single fill European and American oak casks, this Scotch is smoky yet deceptively sweet. On the nose you get candied orange peel, vanilla, bonfire toffee, and peaty woodsmoke.

On the palate, you get lemon zest, burnt orange, peat, and smoked oak, with a very rich body and lingering finish.

Glenturret 10-Year-Old

Equally as delicious we have the Glenturret 10-Year-Old.

At a more modest 40% ABV, this is a sweeter whisky that goes down far too well.

On the nose you get malted barley, liquorice, and smoked oak with a hint of sea salt.

On the palate, citrus fruits are very much the prominent taste here, with zesty lemon and lime the stars of the show, giving way to an earthy finish that is both dry and sweet. Again, lemon peel is very prominent in the aftertaste, making for a great palate cleanser.

Glenturret 12-Years-Old

Finally, we have the Glenturret 12-Years-Old.

With a stunning burnt honey colour, this whisky is 46% ABV so again, it’s harsh, but not too harsh.

On the nose, you’re hit with oak, spices, and sticky dates and sultanas with a suggestion of juniper.

On the palate, instantly you get vanilla, a touch of honey, cinnamon sugar, barley, and deep oak which provide a lingering finish and a very deep and creamy mouthfeel which offers whispers of cherry and dark chocolate.

If you’re looking to sample the whiskies above, or any other delicious Scotch whiskies for that matter, be sure to head on over to and check out the amazing selection of whiskies they have on there.

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