Review: Glengoyne 21 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Fiercely independent, Glengoyne Distillery is a quaint distillery in the hills of the Scottish Highlands.

Situated around 40 minutes north of Glasgow, this distillery claims to be the most beautiful in Scotland.

This of course is hard to qualify considering much of Scotland is outstandingly beautiful.  But Glengoyne Distillery certainly does have an appealing look.

Amazingly, it has been around since 1833, or even earlier if you consider George Connell’s illegal stills at the site in the 1820s.

From there it became a licensed distillery and has been continuously running ever since.

Today they uphold their “Six Brand Truths”, including air-dried barley and the slowest distillation process in Scotland.

They operate the stills slowly and carefully, allowing ever ounce of flavour to be extracted and capturing a light and easy going character.

This is all in keeping with their Lowland flavour profile, which is light and somewhat floral in taste.

They are also champions of the Sherry cask and insist on using only the best.

This can all be seen in their 21 Year Old expression, which is a remarkable dram.

It is filled with sherry and floral flavours, right from the beginning.

The nose opens with moist Christmas cake, packed tightly with dried fruit and cinnamon warmth.  There are also crisp, fresh apple notes coming through, that lend a slight blossom flavour to the dram.

The dried fruit and the more orchard fresh fruits combine wonderfully, especially with the delicate warmth of the cinnamon.

On the palate these flavours become bolder and more well defined.  The depth of flavour in this expression becomes fully realised and fully formed.

The sherry cask is very obvious, with the sweet and spicy notes brimming over.  The oak wood is also detectable, right alongside orchard apples and pears, which give the dram a nice bite.

There is also a honey flavour that comes through alongside the apple notes and gives a wonderfully thick and creamy mouth feel.

The cinnamon really starts to take over here, with a dash of nutmeg being added in as well.  These warm the palate and allow the sweeter fruits a delicious taste to bounce off.

The finish is strong and dry, with lots more spice and fruit coming through.  Raisins and dried figs with a healthy dash of cinnamon leave a final, lingering note at the back of the throat.

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