Glenfiddich Unlocks The History of Single Malt with the Release of Archive Collection. The Ultra-rare 1973 Cask is Exclusive to the UK

Glenfiddich Archive Collection is a 21st century dedication to the brand’s beginnings with the release comprising of three hand-picked casks filled in 1973, 1984 and 1987 with Glenfiddich 1973 exclusively available in the UK 

October 2023: Glenfiddich, the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, proudly announces the launch of Archive Collection; a 21st century dedication to the brand’s beginnings and a defining moment to its rich and long-lasting history. In the initial release, this collection houses three hand-picked casks filled in 1973, 1984 and 1987 that unlock a moment in time from the distillery’s warehouses in Dufftown, Speyside. Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1973 cask is exclusive to the UK with only 83 bottles available.

While the world has been changing around them, these whiskies have been quietly maturing, ageing, and taking on the unique qualities of their oak casks and the exceptional climate in the ‘Valley of the Deer’. The Glenfiddich Archive Collection gives drinkers a chance to taste and experience the vision of William and Elizabeth Grant and the generations of the Grant family that have followed. 

In 2023 a limited number of hand-picked casks will be available in select countries across the world as part of an annual release. Each Archive Collection release comprises of asset-grade liquids that provide a special window into Glenfiddich’s soul and heritage. Likened to a time capsule, drinkers are presented with an opportunity to discover the rich and storied history of Glenfiddich; unlocking the archive of the Glenfiddich Distillery allows discerning drinkers to unlock the archive of Single Malt itself. 

This year’s launch consists of three remarkable single malt Scotch whiskies that were distilled in 1973, 1984 and 1987. The unique packaging features the iconic triangular green glass bottle, golden stopper and closure, and the return of the original red word mark on the label.  The label comprises of the individual cask number along with the bottle number, highlighting the rarity of this release. Lastly, each bottle is beautifully presented in a specially designed wooden outer case with a unique key to unlock an individual piece of history.

Glenfiddich Archive 1973, exclusive to the UK, is taken from a refill American Oak cask where it was aged for 49 years; a flavourful record of the moment it was sealed. Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1973 has a scent of French polish in an old sweet shop, accompanied by layers of woody beeswax and the bright zing of lemon sherbet and lavender. It embodies a distinctive fresh breeze carried by a whisper of honeysuckle and sweet fruits from a walled garden. Ethereal in both nature and availability, the Glenfiddich 1973 bottling has delicate and gentle aromatics with an elegant depth, making it a particular treasure and inviting one to consider how the distillery and Glenfiddich itself have evolved over time.  

Claudia Falcone, Glenfiddich Global Brand Director, commented:  

“They say that good things come to those who wait, and greater treasures come to those who wait longer still. The Archive Collection is a true testament to patience, and a celebration of Glenfiddich’s place in history, paying homage to the visionary founder of our Speyside distillery. 

These three expressions capture the rich heritage that William Grant founded and allow us to share a very special part of our brand’s history.” 

Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Malt Master, commented:  

“The Archive Collection seamlessly bridges the gap between Glenfiddich’s spirit of innovation and its rich history, bearing witness to the heritage of craftsmanship, pioneering spirit, and the passing on of knowledge and experience. 

By releasing hand-picked rare casks, we are looking to the foundations of the brand to inform the future. Casks which were laid down long ago, have been allowed to mellow and mature over the decades, are now to be awakened and bottled for the first time, allowing a taste of unrepeatable character. 

Whilst some of our series look to innovative finishes or experimental methods, we have curated the Archive Collection in the knowledge that each bottle from the single cask will be truly unique because of the time it has spent developing; a key element in the whisky making process which may sometimes be overlooked.” 

Unlock the history of Single Malt with the incredibly rare Glenfiddich Archive Collection 1973 American Oak cask, which is exclusively available to the UK with only 83 bottles. Until the end of October 2023, this remarkable whisky will be available for purchase exclusively from Berry Brothers & Rudd. From November onwards, Archive Collection 1973 cask will be available in additional selected luxury retailers at a recommended retail price of £33,500. 

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