Review: Prometheus 26 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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What better Titan to name a Whisky after than Prometheus? In the legend of Prometheus he steals fire from the gods of Mount Olympus to share with us lowly humans.

It seems Glasgow Distillery has done the same. They have found a fiery, peated malt and have chosen to share it with us mere mortals. And we should be very thankful they have done so!

The birth of the Prometheus whisky is shrouded in mystery. The Glasgow Distillery purchased the Speyside casks from an unknown source and have kept them quietly ageing behind closed doors for 26 Years.

The end product is the Titan of Whiskies that we are presented with today, and it certainly lives up to its mythological beginnings!

This is the first Whisky release from the distillery and promises to make a good impression!

Prometheus is presented in a subtle and elegant grey box. It has a smooth wood effect with a crest overlay featuring a depiction of the mighty Titan himself.

With a little bit of orange and varying shades of grey in the colour scheme, this is a modern and minimalist design that is sure to delight as either a gift or just to enjoy yourself.

And once you open the box, the real fun begins.

The bottle is a smooth, modern take on the typical whisky bottle shapes, with the tell tale bulge at the neck. This bottle also has the Prometheus crest on the front, homage to both the modern age that the whisky is entering, as well as the mythological past it aims to capture.

Inside the bottle lies a rich peated malt; made with the finest barley Speyside has to offer.

The character of Prometheus the Titan is rounded up and bottled in this dram. It is bold and courageous at heart, with a sweetness and deep, fiery nature!

The nose is the first glimpse we get at this, with a warm arrangement of citrus fruits, heathery notes and of course, that fantastically peated smoke.

The heather and herbal notes give a nice depth to the dram and are emphasised by the tangy citrus flavours.

The smoke is not overwhelming on the nose, but gentle and fresh, giving a warmth and delicate feel to it.

These flavours are brightened and developed on the palate. The mouth feel is thick and creamy, almost buttery in texture. The fire is really captured within the body of the dram and mingles well with the sweetness.

Thick syrup and dark chocolate swirl in the creamy and rich body of Prometheus. The citrus peels become more orangey in their character and tie in well with the cocoa and caramel hints.

There is also a distinctive nuttiness to the dram that adds a slight dullness to the sugary overtones. Think hazelnuts and caramel covered pecans, with their delicate sweetness but overall wooded flavour.

The caramel also takes on a decidedly vanilla aroma, with a nod towards oak wood. This sweetness continues to give depth to the already pretty rich dram and makes a for a highly enjoyable flavour profile.

The last addition to the palate is the pungently smoky undertone that is both tangy with peat and dull with charcoal. But it is altogether great and really serves to capture the fire of Prometheus.

The smoke continues into the finish and rounds the dram off perfectly. With caramel and oak wood sweetness as well, the ending is long and complex and will definitely have you reaching for more.

Overall this is a sumptuous and deep dram that lives up to its name and mythological history. It does its namesake proud.

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