Fettercairn Single Malt Whisky Completes the Warehouse Collection with Warehouse 14 Their Latest Limited Edition Release

The Limited Edition release Warehouse 14, will be available from April 2023

Fettercairn Distillery has announced the fifth and final instalment of their ‘Warehouse Collection’, Warehouse 14, an experimental Limited Edition release, opening the doors to Warehouse 14 for the first time in the Collection’s journey.

Warehouse 14 is the latest release from pioneering Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass. As is the aim of the Collection, this Limited Edition release takes Fettercairn and its famed tropical house style on another new and unexpected journey.

A rare and remarkable Single Malt, bottled at 51.2% ABV (Non-Chill-Filtered and Natural Colour), Warehouse 14 is shaped by Fettercairn’s unique dunnage Warehouse 14 and the whisky maker’s expert balance of unusual casks.

Gregg Glass, Master Whisky Maker: “The response to our first four warehouse releases has been incredibly encouraging. Our ethos with the Fettercairn Warehouse Collection was to offer a taste of the experiments laid down here, with each Limited Edition expression exploring different flavour characteristics that enhance our unique tropical house style.

“With the release of Warehouse 14 we were looking to create another new expression of our house style, building on the influence of ex-bourbon casks, which work very well with our distinctive tropical notes, whilst exploring the unique influence of casks sourced from local craft beer producers.

“Each of our warehouses at Fettercairn has a sense of magic. It is a fantastic place to make whisky and with Warehouse 14, I think we have once again pushed the boundaries and offered a new perspective of what Fettercairn can be.

“As always, we created this whisky to be enjoyed, and I am pleased to offer another unique, new expression that curious whisky lovers and connoisseurs can explore.”

Warehouse 14 has been crafted using a handpicked selection of first-fill and second-fill ex-Bourbon barrels. This release was initially created as an experiment in the unique Warehouse 14 by Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass and the Distillery Team. The recipe was finished in a mix of three different beer barrels – stout, dark ale and pale ale – each offering different flavour characteristics that enhance Fettercairn’s tropical house style.

Fettercairn’s signature house style, abundant with tropical fruit flavours and soft spice, is created by the unique cooling ring, which ensures only the purest vapours rise and produces the distinctive tropical characteristic, remains a feature of Warehouse 14 on the nose and on the palate.

However, this Limited Edition release offers whisky explorers and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience expert, craft and imagination, through this characterful creation.

To the eye, Warehouse 14 is a natural shimmering gold in colour and there is vanilla, honey and floral charm on the nose. To taste, warm toasty maltiness, tropical fruits with layers of crème caramel, apricot tart, cacao, soft wood spices and a pleasing nuttiness.

The Limited Edition Warehouse Collection brings to life curious whiskies created by Fettercairn, combined with the treasure trove of unusual casks found across their fourteen dunnage warehouses.  The previous four releases in the Collection have been from Warehouse 2, but for this final release, Fettercairn has looked to a warehouse at the opposite side of the distillery. Warehouse 14 looks out on to the Cairngorms and is more exposed to the elements and changing seasons which has undoubtedly helped to shape this very special final release.

Fettercairn Warehouse 14 will complete the Warehouse Collection andwill be available at an RSP of £70 from the start of April. Available on a Limited Editon basis in limited selected markets including UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

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