Ardmore Legacy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Ardmore Distillery was first founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher. He was an enterprising businessman who placed his distillery beside a railway line, ensuring he could move product with ease.

Bottle cost: £24.95

It was originally built to supply malt for the Teachers blend but it was bought over by Beam Inc. in 2005 and released its first own name bottling in 2007.

From there it has come a long way, with lots of awards to its name and a strong core range.

Part of that range is Ardmore Legacy, which has won Gold at the International Spirits Challenge in 2016.

It was created to celebrate the location of Ardmore on the very edge of the Highlands as well as the history that has gone into making it what it is today.

The nose is full of sweet toffee and earthy herbal notes. The earthiness is really effective and lends a great depth and appeal to this dram.

There is also a distinctly honeyed note coming through. This is smooth and soft, and mixes well with the herbal notes of thyme and heather that also appear.

It is obvious from the start that this is a deep and refined dram, with lots of flavour and complexity to it.

The nose also gives up Ardmore’s signature flavour, with a gentle nod towards peat smoke.

On the palette this nod becomes fully realised with a healthy does of smoke and char. It is thick but not overwhelming, with just enough flavour to be appreciated.

There is a lovely soft honey note underneath this smoke that gives a smooth mouth feel. It is refined and delicious, with lots of complexity, especially when mixed with the sweetness of the oak casks.

The palette also has a slight spice to it. This is warming and goes well with the smoke, giving it more character and body.

The finish is fantastic. It is full of bold flavours and does not shy away in its final moments. Honey and peat are the most noticeable and wonderfully so.

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