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With alcohol industries such as Gin and Whisky seeing a massive increase in interest in recent years, it makes sense that the craft spirit market would also see a rise in sales.

There has always been a craft spirits market, although it has remained small and not exactly a force to be reckoned with. If we’re being really pedantic you could say that all spirits began life as craft spirits since they all had to start somewhere.

Other than perhaps local interest, craft spirits haven’t had a fantastic platform to stand on.

But that has all changed with renaissance occurring in the spirits market.This could perhaps best be traced back to the financial fallout from the 2009 recession.  With this came austerity and the culture of going out turned into onw of staying at home and creating your own fun.

In light of this it seems people are turning towards locally produced and locally sourced drinks and the craft spirits market fulfils that criteria.

As such, we have seen a boom in the craft market, with every hipster with a warehouse and a still turning his hand at making a niche spirit. This often involves throwing some weird botanicals into a Gin or Vodka in the hope that people will believe them when they tell them it really brings out the floral notes.

But how do we differentiate from the good craft spirits and the bad? Is there any way to tell one herb infused whatever from another?

The answer to this is found in the form of a new book, simply titled Craft Spirits.

Written by Eric Grossman, a spirits, dining and travel writer based in Boston and New Orleans, this book puts everything you need to know about 250 of the best craft spirits in your hands.

This book gives you the chance to discover some of the most innovative and exciting craft spirits. It includes detailed information including tasting notes on 250 craft spirits that you need to discover. Each distiller featured in this book uses the highest quality ingredients and small processes to make truly inspiring spirits.

This is a must for fans of craft spirits as well as mixologists. Whether you simply enjoy throwing together a quick cocktail in your kitchen or if you are a professional bar tender, this book is vital to add to your collection.

It offers insights and tips into mixology as well as recipes for both classic and contemporary cocktails.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of this book is the guide to infusing alcohol with certain flavours in your own home. With this book you could be showing off your favourite blackberry Whisky or rosemary Gin to your awe struck friends.

But the book doesn’t stop there. It also includes an in depth introduction to the history of distilling and the science that goes into it. You will become a spirits aficionado in no time at all!

This book is ideal if you want to truly impress visitors to your home with your outstanding cocktail making skills and your breadth of knowledge about the craft spirits market.

This book allows you to discover some amazing craft producers, cutting out all the hipster crap you usually have to wade through to find a really great craft spirit.

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