An Old Fashioned at 30000 feet with the Carry On Cocktail Kit

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I fly a lot, both for work and for pleasure and I love it. But, strangely, I've never had a cocktail on a plane due to a combination of never thinking to ask and the high chance it will be awful. That may all change with the Carry On Cocktail Kit.

Depending on the airline, you usually have options for different spirits and maybe even a Bloody Mary if the staff are useful but I have never even thought to see about an Old Fashioned in the sky.

The chaps behind the Carry On Cocktail Kit have managed to do that for me.

Presented in fantastic example of design-led packaging, they truly are ushering in an era of romance long forgotten in aviation.

When you open the pack you have all you need for the perfect Old Fashioned:
Aromatic bitters
Cane sugar
Spoon / muddler
Linen coaster

All you need now is the whisky, which your in flight attendant will happily provide, and probably linger to see what you are up to as mine did.

The pack size is such that there are no issues getting the bitters etc. through security and adds a level of gentrification that is much needed in the in flight experience.

My experience of it was on the way back from a trip to The Macallan distillery in Speyside.

As soon as the bar service started I grabbed my kit from its careful placing in the seat pocket in front and waited until I had been served my two miniature bottles of whisky to get started.

Pouring the sugar a tiny amount of the whisky – in this case Dewar’s White Label as I was on a Virgin flight – and bitters in, I casually stirred for a while until the sugar dissolved whilst chatting to the very nice chap opposite me who had taken an interest in what I was up to and started asking questions about the kit.

When ready, the rest of the whisky was poured in.

Sadly there were no oranges on board in order to use the peel to garnish properly but what had been created was superb, a really enjoyable drink that definitely captured most of what the Old Fashioned is about.

Even better is that there was enough raw materials for another which I duly made

One gripe would be the price of the Carry On Cocktail Kit at $24.99 or £17.00 considering it does not come with whisky but in the same vein you have enough in there for two Old Fashioneds and you can reuse elements of it going forward.

A really enjoyably experience but the price would likely be prohibitive to me buying more, a one off probably but a superb limited edition at 30,000 feet.


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