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The world of whisky, much like the drink itself, is ever growing and changing.

At the same time, it has an intricate past that is bound up in its reception today, a past that cannot be ignored.

The Whisky Cabinet, by Mark Bylok is a book that addresses all the major issues surrounding whisky, both past and present. It is the answer to all those difficult questions of age statement, mash bills and marketing.

But don’t get me wrong, The Whisky Cabinet is for those who want to know more, not those who think they know it all ready.

Beginning with the very basics of labelling, The Whisky Cabinet breaks down the jargon that is so often used to analyse whisky. Phrases such as “cask strength” and “small batch” are explained, because lets be honest, nobody really knows what they mean.

This book is the perfect guide on how to stop pretending you know what you’re talking about, and actually start knowing what you’re talking about.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Heralding its very name, The Whisky Cabinet encourages readers to grow their own a varied cabinet, one that includes more than whatever’s available at you local off licence.

Bylok shows you how to stop being that pretentious buyer who thinks if they own every version of Glenfiddich they’re a true collector.

Instead, this book will teach you about the different variants of your already favourites, allowing you to start a truly impressive and knowledgeable cabinet of your own.

Aside from all the information and the opportunity to learn more about your favourite drink, The Whisky Cabinet also teaches you how to enjoy whisky. And what could be better than that?

Looking at the variance between certain types of whisky, Bylok approaches the question of enjoying whisky from the perspective that different whiskies should be enjoyed differently.

Whether it’s with ice or no ice or in a cocktail or straight, it’s there, and The Whisky Cabinet addresses it.

So if you want to know more about whisky, it’s past, present and future, then The Whisky Cabinet is the perfect book for you.

Filled with insightful information and all the important facts, broken down to be understood by anyone, The Whisky Cabinet has everything every enthusiast needs to fully appreciate whisky.

From old to new favourites, you will definitely discover something to love about The Whisky Cabinet and the drinks inside. The only thing to do now is purchase it!

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