How to Properly Store your Whisky

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Looking after your Whisky collection is important, no matter if you own 100 bottles or one.

We’re here to give you advice on the best way to look after your Whisky.

Unopened Bottles

Whisky doesn’t age in a bottle, so there’s no need to worry about it going off or changing whilst in storage.

If the bottle it unopened, it’s best to keep it just below room temperature and with a dust cover to protect the cap and label.

This is especially important if your Whisky is worth quite a bit, as it will help prevent damage.

It’s also important to keep it away from sunlight. This can damage the label, which will reduce the value. This is also worth remembering for regular bottles, as sunlight will evaporate some of the liquid.

Sunlight can also cause the liquid to change colour, so keep any bottles as covered as possible, whether that’s in a cabinet or under something.

Opened Bottles

Similar to unopened bottles, keep your open bottles of Whisky away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place. This will help reduce evaporation.

Allowing too much oxygen into the liquid can change the flavour of Whisky, so it’s best to keep it as covered over as possible.

You can buy sealed caps to replace the cork in Whisky bottles that will help to reduce the chances of evaporation and anything getting into it.

It’s also best to keep Whisky bottles upright, as the high alcohol levels can effect the quality of the cork and cause the material to decay or breakdown.

To Refrigerate or Not to Refrigerate?

Typically, Whisky does not need to be refrigerated. In fact, cooling it too much may change the appearance, especially if it’s non-chill filtered.

Chill filtration takes out certain elements that cause the Whisky to go cloudy when it’s cooled. If your Whisky isn’t chill filtered, then it will go cloudy at lower temperatures.

There you have it, some basic tips on storing whisky; what other methods do you use to store your whisky securely?

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