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If you are looking for somewhere new and exciting to dine out in London then look no further than Blades Restaurant in Mayfair.

This is a restaurant that looks and feels classy and serves food to match.

It is situated in the Silver Room at Hush in a secretive little courtyard, tucked away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Hush itself is a renowned and respected restaurant with a well-established reputation around the city.

Blades becomes like an era within an era and has a distinctive 60s feel to it.  This should really come as no surprise considering it is called after the private members club that James Bond’s M was a part of.

This is all to capture the idea that, as the restaurant owners put it, Blades is a “private members club with out the membership”.

While that may make it seem somewhat exclusive, Blades is welcoming and open to every member of the public. It is a great night out with a friendly atmosphere and a warm dining experience.

If you are wondering what sets Blades apart from Hush and the other restaurants around it, then there are only three words: steak, lobster, Whiskies.

These are the three crucial elements that make Blades fantastic and truly add together for a unique experience.  These are some of the richest and finset dining options available, adding to the general atmosphere at Blades and helping to create the idea that it is a private members club without the exclusivity.

Blades has every type of steak and lobster available and has some extra special Whiskies on serve.

The ultimate in surf ‘n turf.  Alongside your fillet, sirloin, or rib eye you can have lobster in several different ways including tempura, grilled or thermidor (which I had 0- it was delightful).

This is served alongside a vast choice of sauces as well as various sides.

There is also an wonderful choice of other options besides the steak and lobster, including grilled dover sole and lamb cutlets.

As for the drinks, there is definitely a fantastic selection, and not only in neat served Single Malt, but in extraordinary cocktails.

Under the menu title “Tipples” we find some pretty interesting takes on our favourite drams.

The first of these is titled “Mr. Kipling’s” and includes Apple Wood infused Rye Whisky, Egg White and Orange Bitters.

If that doesn’t sound like it tastes heavenly then nothing will.  Now imagine that alongside some of the finest steak and lobster you will ever have the privilege of eating.  Seems like a pretty good night doesn’t it?

If you’re in the mood for something a little straighter, then Blades also has you covered.

They have a wonderful collection of American, Scottish and Japanese expressions for you to choose from and they even have the kindness of splitting the Scotches up according to region.

So if you are looking for a great atmosphere, great food and even better Whisky, then look no further than Blades at Hush in Mayfair.

Thanks to Blades for hosing myself and Kirsty for dinner.

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