Big Peat Christmas Edition 2015 Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Everyone enjoys a good hearty dram at Christmas time and for the fifth year running, Big Peat is here to provide that dram.

Blended and bottled by Douglas Laing, Big Peat is much most than just a Whisky.

Represented by the quintessential Scotch man, complete with rugged beard and woollen jumper, Big Peat is the embodiment of Islay malts, both in liquid form and as the character on the bottle.

This year a normally wind swept Peat is featured riding a sleigh and dressed as Santa.  One can only assume that he would be all too happy to hand out coal, considering the smoke on his dram he must have hoards of it to hand.

They are particularly proud of this design down at Douglas Laing and think of it as their best one yet!  And the liquid inside is definitely up there with their best drams!

To celebrate even further, this expression is bottled at cask strength, meaning you can consume less and still find the strength to get through Christmas Day with your relatives!

This Christmas edition does its four siblings proud and continues in the heavily peated traditions of its family.

The nose is full of smoke.  It bubbles over with the stuff.  The peat really makes itself known from the get go.

There is also a fantastic malty note that is reminiscent of oats and a slightly grassy tone underneath.

The peat is complemented with a creamy chocolate and slightly toffee note that give it a rich sweetness to play against.

Like all good Islay malts there is that characteristic sea spray in the background.  It moistens the peat and gives a salty tang that works well with the chocolate.

On the palate there is a fruitier flavour, with dried raisins and apricots.  Again, the salt is there to act as a welcome antagonist to the sea spray and beach notes.

The oaty flavour continues and provides a nice dullness for the fruits to melt into.  They are melted over a peat filled fire of course, with the smoke attaching itself to every molecule and filling the glass.  “Big” is certainly the right descriptor here!

There is also a light floral note that adds a little bit of relief to the heavier flavours and can truly be savoured against them.

The finish is exactly what one expects from an Islay malt, long, lingering and brimming over with peat.  It is like a chimney with a perpetual peat fire at the bottom of it.

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