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Challenging bartenders from around the world to do things differently with the chance to create the 2017 limited edition single malt whisky.

4 August 2016: Raised in the city, the single malt Scotch whisky Auche® has announced its search to find fresh creative talent from behind the bar who can demonstrate they challenge the norms and do things differently to become part of the New Malt Order. Not your traditional single malt, Auchentoshan® has done things differently for almost two centuries and its new global bartender competition is no exception.

Each year, the New Malt Order will unite 12 bartenders from cities around the world to collectively create a new limited edition Auchentoshan® expression. Working together, The New Malt Order will design both a new liquid and new packaging for distribution in the on-trade in 2017. By bartenders, for bartenders.


Championing their individuality, the expression created by the New Malt Order will include unique cask selections that reflect each bartender’s character and the experiences that have shaped their identity. The limited release will showcase the New Malt Order’s collective personality in both its tasting profile and product design, encapsulating the essence of what makes them different. The New Malt Order competition marks the launch of the brand’s ‘Distilled Different’ campaign, which celebrates Auchentoshan®’s unique status as the only triple distilled single malt whisky – highly accessible and mixable – as well as its unique character, being Glasgow’s only single malt.


Auchentoshan® has set its sights on inventive bartenders from five countries around the world to handpick 240 exceptional entrants from vibrant, urban bars who encompass the spirit of Distilled Different and strive to break the mould. Where once Auchentoshan® Switch® gave bartenders the chance to get behind iconic bars and be mentored by leading mixologists around the world, the competition has evolved to recognise and reward dynamic spirits explorers who push the boundaries of cocktail ingenuity with an opportunity to create a new liquid. The international bartending community will be tasked with putting their fearless expertise to the test through the creation of their own unique Bitters using Auchentoshan® New Make spirit. Every last drop of New Make is triple distilled, making it more open to embracing flavour than conventional Scottish single malts, whether that is the variety of barrels it matures in or the roots, herbs, spices and other flavours it’s  combined with. Using a customised New Malt Order Bitters Kit, each bartender will create a new Bitters that will be used to showcase their own personal take on the brand’s signature Auchentoshan® & Ale serve.


Inspired by the Scottish classic, the ‘hauf an’ a hauf’ – a dram and an ale chaser – Auchentoshan®’s sweet aromas pair perfectly with the invigorating crispness of chilled beer. Auchentoshan® & Ale raises the benchmark with an ice cold serve that you can do differently by adding ale, pilsner or stout. The signature serve marries Auchentoshan® American Oak with citrus pale ale, the triple distilled liquid adds a delicate, smooth taste with sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut, pairing perfectly.

  • 35ml Auchentoshan® American Oak
  • 25ml Fresh lemon juice
  • 25ml Honey syrup
  • 90ml Citrus Pale Ale
  • Lemon wedge to garnish
  1. Combine Auchentoshan®, lemon juice and honey syrup in a shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake vigorously and strain into a vessel (with or without ice)
  3. Top up with Citrus Pale Ale and garnish with a lemon wedge

Judged by the best in the business, the inaugural 12 members of the New Malt Order will be flown to the home of Auchentoshan® in Glasgow, Scotland, to join Master Blender Rachel Barrie for a five-day masterclass and immersion into the city’s effervescent, creative culture. After visiting some of Glasgow’s most inspirational and pioneering businesses to meet the entrepreneurial owners shaking up their industries, each bartender will be guided through a unique experimental blending of Auchentoshan® maturing whiskies to make their mark on the limited edition single malt.


Founded in industrial Glasgow, in 1823, Auchentoshan® is the only distillery in the city and remains unconstrained by convention. Reflecting the brand’s tenacious lust for city-living in all its bustling, diverse and cultural joy, Distilled Different and the New Malt Order celebrate the next generation of single malt lovers with a dynamic and arresting new creative identity inspired by Auchentoshan’s® inner-city urban surroundings.

Rachel Barrie, Auchentoshan® Master Blender, comments: “Auchentoshan®’s New Malt Order is an exciting opportunity for bartenders across the world to show us how they do things differently. The New Malt Order is synonymous with what the bartending community strives to achieve – a collaboration of innovators inspired not just by food and drink but also by the cultural areas of music, art and literature. The new expression created will be a liquid for the bartender by the bartender”.

Welcome to the New Malt Order.

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