AnCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2002 Vintage

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Found in the beautiful Knock in Aberdeenshire, Knockdhu Distillery is the home of AnCnoc Whisky(pronounced a-knock).

It is a gorgeous distillery that has been producing malt since 1892 with only a few pauses in the meantime. It has also switched hands a number of times, having been owned by various large Whisky companies such as Distillers Company Ltd., Scotch Malt Distillers and United Distillers. Today it is owned by Inver House, who are in turn owned by Thai Beverages.

Today they are a popular brand who create typical Highland Whisky, with a light character and mellow body.

They have sought to capture this in their most recent release, a 2002 Vintage Single Malt.

This expression is matured for over 14 years in Spanish and American oak casks and is a limited edition, with only 1200 bottles released.

It opens with a nose that is full of sweet creamy textures such as caramel and fudge. There is an undertone of tangy citrus fruits that make it really fresh and inviting.

There is also a lovely spice to this dram. This flavour is full of cinnamon and warming vanilla, with a little hint of oak underneath it all.

The spice and citrus fruits complement each other perfectly and work in harmony to tease the taste buds before it even reaches the palate.

When it does reach the palate, this dram is sweet and rich, with an easy going mouth feel. There are honeyed notes appearing throughout that go well with the spices.

The citrus fruits are joined by apples, apricots and raisins, which are bursting with flavour. They are soft and expressive, with lots of taste to them.

The toffee and caramel of the nose opens up more here, with a smooth dark brown sugar note that is tangy against the vanilla.

It finishes with a long linger that wraps everything up with a little bit of cinnamon spice.

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