Scallywag Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Scallywag Blend is fronted by a West Highland Terrier with a jaunty monocle who is full of character, just like the dram he represents.

If Big Peat were to have a pet, this would be it.  It is a tasty bit of sweetness to his big, smoky demeanour.

Scallywag is the Douglas Laing’s Speyside representative and has been created using barrels from Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes, amongst others.

It has all the tell tale characteristics of a Speysider, with plebty of sherried sweetness and spice.  Douglas Laing are able to capture the essence of every region they bottle and Scallywag certainly achieves this.

This dram has a nose full of syrupy sweetness.  From thick vanilla frosting to dried apricots and raisins, it is a swirl of sugar.

But not overwhelmingly so, the sweetness is complemented by a sherried spice that is brimming with cinnamon and nutmeg.

The vanilla and spices work well together and capture the oaky barrel as well as the sherry.  They give the sweetness depth and refinement, so it’s not sickening or heavy.

This continues on the palate, with the spices really taking over and becoming more definite.  You can taste them as they dust over fruit and vanilla wood.

These all come together to create a Christmas cake note that is moist and bursting with flavour.  The dried fruits are still there, with a hint of amaretto and dark chocolate.

The bitterness of the chocolate goes well with the spices and creates a creamy mouth feel that evokes the vanilla frosting of the nose.

The palate rounds off with a final, sweeping vanilla flavour that ties everything up in a perfect little bow.  It is refined and pleasant.

On the finish there is a final warmth of spice and sherry, with the slightest of hints towards oak.

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