10 things that Whisky drinkers think when they look at a bar’s Whisky list

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We’ve all done it. Every Whisky drinker has walked into a restaurant and went straight for the Whisky list. It is, after all, the most important part of any meal.

Having a good dram with good food is essential, so it makes sense that the Whisky list would be your first port of call. We’ve gathered some things that every Whisky drinker thinks as soon as they get that all important list in hand.

1. How many countries do they have?

And do they have a good selection from those countries? It’s not good enough having an American section s the only thing in it is Jack Daniel’s. Do they even have a Japanese section?

2. Ohhh look they’ve got

Everyone looks for something special on a Whisky list. And of course this is the involuntary sound that emits from a Whisky drinkers mouth when they find something they really didn’t expect. It is often followed by flagging down the waiter to immediately order whatever the bottling may be. This restaurant will be visited countless times in the future by said Whisky drinker.

3. Ohhh look they’ve got

Whisky drinkers will also look for their favourite drams, just to make sure they can come back to this bar in the future. If your favourite isn’t there, and there’s nothing else that measures up to it, this bar will almost definitely never be visited ever again.

4. this is terrible

There can be any number of reasons for a Whisky list to merit this description. It could be too small, too unimaginative, too much like every other bar you’ve ever been to. Whatever the reason, a terrible Whisky list will quickly see any bar struck off the list of places to come back to.

5. this is brilliant

Like point number 4, there are many reasons for this response to a Whisky list. The list could be an absolute work of art, with selections from several countries and every Scotch region being represented, or it could simply have your top five drams on it. This is a swift and sure way to any bar suddenly becoming your favourite bar ever, with many future trips already planned before you’ve even left.

6. What a lovely selection of ages

Everybody likes to see a good age range represented on a Whisky list, with lots of young and old alike. This is a sign of a good list as well, one that’s nice and varied.

7. What glassware do they use?

Do they have tulip glasses? Do they use tumblers? Will my drink look good when it comes out? This is especially important to remember when ordering cocktails. A highball is not a highball unless it’s in a highball glass. And a bar that tries to do otherwise is not a bar worth your time.

8. Damn, I knew we should have gone somewhere else

The ultimate drinker’s remorse; taking one look at the Whisky list and realising what a big mistake you’ve made in choosing this bar. The only way to rectify it is to quickly escape and make your way to a bar that you’re sure will have an extensive and varied Whisky list, to make up for the searing disappointment that the first bar caused.

9. I guess I'll just have to come back here again to try everything at least once.

This is the opposite of drinker’s remorse and is probably the best possible outcome of any evening. Seeing a Whisky list with lots of drams you’ve never had is like getting a little present on an evening out. It’s the perfect reason stay all night and come back every evening after.

10. I'm going to try something new... well, maybe not

Any bar is a good bar when it has your favourites. Sure, it might be nice to branch out every once in a while, but with your favourite, you know your definitely going to have a good time.

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