The House of Hazelwood Range – Perfect Winter Warmers

After a fairly mild autumn, it’s safe to say that Jack Frost has well and truly made his presence felt at the start of winter, and with many months ahead, we need something to keep us warm and toasty on these long, dark, freezing nights.

When it’s cold and icy outside, what better way to warm your cockles than by kicking off your £19.99 Timpson’s Permagrips, putting your feet up, and pouring yourself a delicious glass of Scotch as you forget all your troubles?

With so many amazing Scotch whiskies to choose from, we’ve been particularly impressed with the latest offerings from The House of Hazelwood.

Showcasing everything we know and love about Scotch whisky, the House of Hazelwood range makes for the perfect winter warmer, though in reality, would be just as fabulous in the summer!

The House of Hazelwood

Owned and produced by the Gordon family, who own William Grant & Sons, the House of Hazelwood is a new brand in the world of whisky, but don’t let that put you off, because they’ve already made quite the name for themselves amongst whisky enthusiasts.

Launched back in May 2022, House of Hazelwood features two collections, including the Legacy Collection, and the Charles Gordon Collection, which is dedicated to the man responsible for the construction of the Girvan Grain Distillery.

The whiskies in these collections are nothing short of exceptional, so here are some of our favourites.

The Tops, £1,450

As part of their Legacy Collection, The Tops is one of the finest blended malts you’ll ever come across.

With just 523 bottles worldwide, this 33 year old Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky packs a punch, coming in at 51.6% ABV.

This malt has a distinctive dark walnut colour that instantly catches the eye, though it is the aroma that really sells this beauty. With complex notes of oak, cherries, and rose petals on the nose, smelling this whisky is almost as pleasurable as drinking it. Almost.

On the palate, you initially get sweet maraschino cherries and dark treacle, with an underlying note of coffee bean and caramel, and just a hint of rose petals. This provides a sweet taste which dries into a long finish, with just enough “burn” for you to know you’re drinking something special.

Sunshine on Speyside, £900

Another from their Legacy Collection, we have ‘Sunshine on Speyside’.

This 39-year-old blended malt scotch whisky comes in at a very modest 42.5% ABV, making it far less harsh for non-seasoned Scotch drinkers.

With a light burnt amber colour, it looks more like a rum than a Scotch, and that isn’t where the similarities end either.

Sunshine on Speyside provides fruity and floral notes on the nose, with fresh pineapple and caramelised apple instantly jumping out of you. There is also a hint, just a hint, of lavender hiding in the background.

On the palate, much like a rum, there are tropical flavours such as caramelised pineapple and burnt peaches, with crunchy demerara sugar, vanilla, and fresh lime zest.

If you want a Scotch to sip on while you imagine yourself relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere, Sunshine on Speyside is ideal.

The Lost Estate, £1,200

The final offering from their Legacy Collection that we have for you today, is the Lost Estate.

This rich golden coloured 43-year-old blended grain Scotch whisky is an easy drinker, at a mere 41.6% ABV. It is comprised of a blend of mature grain whiskies from two of the finest grain distilleries in Scottish history. It offers a rich and creamy mouthfeel with hints of citrus fruit and sugar, with a surprising amount of burn that dissipates into a long and drawn-out finish.

On the nose you instantly get toasted oak fresh citrus aromas, with mandarin orange being the star of the show.

On the palate, you’ll be rewarded with a sweet barley sugar taste, berries, and hints of toffee apple.

The Long Marriage, £4,000

Finally, we have The Long Marriage. A 56-year-old double matured blended Scotch whisky from their Charles Gordon Collection.

At 48.7% ABV, this stunning treacle coloured Scotch has been matured in a single refill sherry butt for more than half a century. Take it from us, when we say this is special, we really mean it.

A very rare whisky, this blend provides notes of mahogany and leather, with Christmas pudding lingering in the background. It is a blend you imagine sipping on while sitting on a chesterfield in a stately home in front of a roaring fire while reading a good book.

As far as taste goes, on the palate you get notes of caramelised dates and sticky toffee pudding, with cinnamon and nutmeg giving way to a sweet-dry finish.

If you’re looking to pick up any of the above whiskies, or any similar blends, be sure to head on over to and check out the amazing blends on offer. 






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