Win a pair of limited edition Black Glencairn glasses

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Just leave a comment below telling us who you'd give a black Glencairn Glass to, and what whisky you'd share together to be in with a chance of winning.

The whisky world’s favourite and much-loved whisky glass is turning to the dark side for Black Friday with the release of only one thousand limited-edition elegant black Glencairn Glasses.

These unique glasses will be the first to be officially sold to the public by the award-winning, Scottish family business, Glencairn Crystal.  Never before have black Glencairn Glasses been available to buy so now is your chance to procure a piece of whisky industry history.

Available from Friday 29 November and for as long as stocks last, each glass costs £7 and comes in a special edition black box.

The glasses can only be purchased via the Glencairn Crystal online store where you can also find a 20% discount across all Glencairn Glassware items over the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

For those of you not familiar with the Glencairn Glass

The Glencairn Glass is endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association as the official glass for whisky. Glencairn Crystal makes over 3 million per year, across hundreds of brands, distributed to over 90 countries worldwide. 

Read more about their astounding story in our feature from last year too by clicking here.

Now over to you… leave a comment below telling us who you’d give a black Glencairn Glass to, and what whisky you’d share together to be in with a chance of winning.



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58 thoughts on “Win a pair of limited edition Black Glencairn glasses”

  1. I’d give one of the glasses to my whisky mate, Mark. But before doing so I think we’d share an Octomore or a Port Charlotte… Those glasses almost scream peat to me!

  2. I’d give a glass to my whisky drinking colleague, Alan, who once worked as a Grouse mascot and got confused whenever walking past the mirror in costume – fun times!

    Tying that to the whisky to be shared – I’ve got a bottle of Black Grouse Alpha Edition which would perfectly fit the theme. Sure, I’ve got a couple of Highland Parks and Octomores in black bottles but if you’re going with a theme you need to embrace it!

  3. I would give a black glencairn glass to my friend Redita that went back home after 10 years leaving abroad. Next time we’ll meet I’ll share my bottle of Ardbeg Supernova 2019

  4. I would give a black Glencairn glass to my buddy of 25 years, E.K, whom also shares the passion of appreciating and collecting whiskies from all over the world. If I am to win the black Glencairn glass or not, I’ll be all then happy to share my Glenfiddich Winter storm with him.

  5. I would gift a glass to my whisky buddy Graham Pritchard. Together we would toast Christmas with a drop of your Greatdrams 2019 Christmas.

  6. Going to be a grandad again in March so would use glasses to wet the head of my new grandchild with Phil the dad. It’s going to be between a Mortlach 19yo self filled from whisky festival last year or Highland Park Capella. I also work at Mortlach so may have another lined up by then.

  7. Perfect to share a dram with my buddy of 10 years from Germany, the guy knows more about whisky than most and I’m Scottish! Look forward to meeting up for one of our distillery weekends again, Slàinte, Sebastian.

  8. Perfect to share a dram with my buddy of 10 years from Germany, the guy knows more about whisky than most and I’m Scottish! How about one of those cask strength Lagavulin from the warehouse again? Look forward to meeting up for one of our distillery weekends again, Slàinte, Sebastian.

  9. I couldn’t possibly name one friend due to not wanting to upset anyone.
    When it comes to drinking whisky anyone is a friend. So whoever wants to join me for a wee dram or a few drams is more than welcome. Slainte

  10. I’d love to give one of these to my dad. We always share a dram during the weekends and on memorable occasions. This way your eyes wont play tricks with your mind since there is no color (mis)interpretation. So this way we can focus on the nose and palate without being tricked by the intensity of the colour of the Great Dram. I think the Great Dram we’d share would be the Ballantine’s 30 Year Old.

  11. It would have to be my wingman, Paul. He introduced me to whisky 10 years ago and we’ve been visiting festivals and bars together ever since sampling some sublime whiskies along the way.

    For a unique glass, i’d have to go for something special. Perhaps one of those whisky bottles I’ve laid away for a rainy day. Perhaps it would be the octomore or the dalmore 18. Might even be time to open that Aberlour 22…. One thing is for sure, it wouldn’t be bells!

  12. I’d charge the glasses with a dram of Laphroaig 10 and then raise a toast to fallen comrades, but especially one who was on my Warrior crew and who was killed in Bosnia in 1999. I was standing right next to him. There but for the grace of God go I. The inscription on his memorial reads ‘sacrifice for peace is always nobler’.
    I’d like to use the glasses to raise the toast whenever I’m with my regimental comrades.
    We used to drink Laphroaig from an old brass cart case that was suspended from the wall in the bar. You couldn’t tell how much was in the bottle so it was free until the last dram. Then the unlucky one bought a new bottle. And repeat… Lots of good times had, lots of cathartic times had remembering the fallen.
    Special glasses to use to commemorate those who have given their lives in the pursuit of peace would mean a lot.

  13. I’d give one glass to my wives grandad who is my partner in crime when it comes to whisky. The whisky we’d be tasting would be the whisky exchange black Friday 2019 edition!


  14. I would give it to my whisky friend Jakub Omelka, who learned me a lot about whisky world. He is true friend of mine and I am happy to share experiences with him. We would open bottle of Black art 1989 as it is vintage of his birth 🙂

  15. Hi,
    I would give black Glencairn class to dear friend of mine, and we’d share a single malt whisky blind to see how we like the whisky, not the brand.

  16. Hi.
    I would give a black glencairn to my brother in law Aaron. He has had a tough time lately and we really need to catch up and share a dram and a chat. We are bourbon fans so I would pour him a Belle Meade Cask Strength that I brought over from Tennessee, as he has yet to try it and it is very nice indeed.

  17. I would give these to husband. We are taste experimenting different whiskies, bourbons and scotch’s. We would break open the Blanton’s. This is only the 2nd bottle we have been able to obtain in 2 years. We would celebrate almost retirement.

  18. I would share this with my good friend Andy. Unfortunately we won’t be drinking any Black Bowmore in it, but it would be great to just pour a Dram in the Glencairn Black Glass to surprise him with. A blind tasting is always interesting. Building your senses more, without knowing what colour it was before.
    I would love to pour a good Dram o’ Bowmore Vault Edition 2 “Peat Smoke” in it…. and enjoy!

    After trying for ages, I had no luck. Who knows this time. Fingers crossed!

    Slàinte mhath 🥃

  19. Hi,

    I’ll be sharing the black Glencairn with my customers booking one of The Dramcatcher tasting sessions, with either fine dram but to really blind taste the whisky in it, sans prejudice.

    It will be a Quaich 2.0

  20. I’d give a glass to my 19 year old son. Just starting his journey into a love of Whisky, I’d love to share a dram of Great Drams Christmas edition and possibly a bottle of 15 year old Glendronach that he has not yet sampled, but a brand he loves.

  21. I would give a glass to my buddy Tim
    Who has just come through major spinal surgery
    And when he is fit enough I would open a bottle of Christmas big peat to share as he loves heavily Peated whisky

  22. I would keep one glass for myself and give the other to my camping buddy eBob. eRob deserves a black Glencairn for generously sharing a dram of his Bruichladdich Black Art with me recently. There is still some whisky left in that bottle, so I hope he will give me a another wee dram when I give him the glass!

  23. I would give a glass to my husband as he has encouraged me to explore more whiskies and has supported me in learning so much about whisky and the whisky industry so I can provide a great service and encourage newbie whisky drinkers to try, a diverse range of, rather than the “typical safe” drams ( I got a job on a military base selling whisky); Together we would share an Octomore 9

  24. When I found myself middle-aged and single again, I decided to try one of those dating apps. I posted a profile picture where I was playing my guitar and drinking from a bottle of Balvenie single malt scotch whisky in a Glencairn glass. What woman could resist that?

    Apparently nearly all of them. Most women ignored me. Those who did comment on my profile picture said things like, “My ex-husband was a drunk too!”

    When I was just about ready to give up on the dating app, I got a note one day from a tall and lovely brunette who said, “Is that a bottle of Balvenie, and a nosing glass?”

    We met a few days later. We married two years later.

    Then, this past July, we planned a trip to Speyside. We contacted Balvenie in hopes of touring their distillery, given how they’re delicious whisky had brought us together. They told us that all the tours during the week in which we would be in the area were full.

    I decided to take a chance and write to the CEO of William Grant and Sons. I told him our story. I said, “If whisky is the water of life, then Balvenie is the water of our love.”

    A few months later, with the CEO’s help, we toured Balvenie, and then enjoyed tasting many of their fine expressions in Glencairn glasses.

    Today, just over a year since our marriage, we raise a wee dram daily in our Glencairn glasses.

    I would love a pair of these black Glencairn glasses, because they would make a lovely Christmas gift for the love of my life, who I met with the help of Glencairn.

  25. I would give one to my best mate Nick Bartlett, as he loves a wee dram once in a while, and alongside would be a bottle of Auchentoshan 21 y.o.

  26. I would share it with my mate who is visually impaired. In one I would put a dram of new make spirit from Annandale Distillery and in the other a dram of my 30 year old single grain from Girvan distillery from Douglas Laing’s Old Particular range. Then we could both have a true blind tasting. Slàinte

  27. I would give the black glencairn glass to Ken & Fran. They are the owners of small whisky and wine shop. They sold me first bottle of whisky which is Springbank Local Barley 11yo in 2017. Springbank became my favourite distillery, and they also became my “whisky guru”, would drink Springbank 24yo single cask UK release with Ken 😉

  28. I would enjoy a dram of Glengoyne 25 with my best friend in the black Glencairn Glass, so he doesn’t know instantly from the color that I finally opened it.

  29. I’ve got this goth mate who wears nothing but black and a full length leather cape. He loves Ardbeg Corryvreckan. I’d share a dram or two with him and talk about the good old days.

  30. I’d like to share it with my buddy. him and I just started getting in to drinking whisky. We’d like to try some Octomore in it.

  31. I will share my Glass with my beloved Brother. We have the smallest Whiskyclub in germany i Think. Just we 2. So it will be perfect for a blind tasting.

  32. I would like to gift this glass to my husband. He has a beautiful Whiskey/whisky collection and this would pair nicely. Also, I am all out of options when it comes to buying him a gift – he has almost everything! He is a part of a whiskey club with his friends. If I could win this for him, maybe I’d get invited to join their club!

  33. I would share with my boss, Ron. He and I both turned sixty this year. His dram of choice “THE GLENLIVET”. I received a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label for Christmas. Since I know nothing about Scotch, we could share a glass or two and he could give me a few lessons on drinking scotch!

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