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Hailing from the Lakes Distillery, one of the few English distilleries around, Steel Bonnets Blended Whisky is an impressive malt.

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The Lakes Distillery, situated in, you guessed it, the Lake District, is a relatively new distillery, having only been opened in 2014.

They were founded by Paul Currie, who is also the founder of the Isle of Arran Distillery, so he knows what he’s doing.

The brand has become well known for their innovation and imagination, having released The One, a blend made up of malts from across all parts of the British Isles. As well as making Whisky, they also produce Vodka and Gin.

The Steel Bonnets Blended Whisky

Steel Bonnets Blended Whisky is a blend of Scottish and English malts that recently joined the lakes Distillery’s range.

It was also recently awarded a Gold Medal in the World Whisky Ultra-Premium category at the Spirits Business Masters, which specialises in global luxury brands. That is quite an accolade, and the malt certainly lives up to it.

Tasting notes for Steel Bonnets Blended Whisky

Bottle cost: £54.95

The nose opens with fresh cream and sweet nuts. Pecans, hazelnuts and almonds all appear and give it a really lovely earthy, candied note. Oak wood also comes out and gives the dram a good depth. The two flavours combine really well and sort of melt into one another. This gives it a slightly vanilla note.

The palate it just as sweet, with more vanilla and caramel coming out. The caramel gives it a really rich and soft mouth feel that just lets it flow over the taste buds.

It also has a wonderfully spicy background, with hints of nutmeg and cloves. These notes are joined by dried fruit and a slightly malted flavour.

It is all wrapped together with wafts of gentle smoke. The finish is strong and smoky, with a little bit of sweetness.

This blend is well deserving of its gold medal, and it would not be surprising if it was awarded plenty more in the future. The Lakes Distillery are really setting themselves up as one to watch for future releases.

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